Musical Friday w Rose Motel

장미여관/Rose Motel – 내 스타일 아냐/Not My Type
I got to know about Rose Motel because of the Korean Show 나 혼자 산다/I Live Alone.

You see, Yuk Jungwan is one of the members of Rose Motel, and he is also part of the show. Mom actually got him mixed up with Kim Jong Min, so I showed her the video. Apparently Rose Motel has another…meaning. But…aide from that, I found the MV pretty funny.

Not my type dude…not my type.

In any case, I’m still alive. I promise you that I am :) Things have been a wee bit hectic since I am not fully aware of what I am to do with one section of my kids for the week. Things should look better after your Thursday, since I should have talked with the head teacher of the section. Otherwise, I am sleeping…okay…on a couch, eating relatively okay…considering I’m running out of hard cash to spend and a lot of the food I want to eat is cash only. But that should solve itself within a week, so I should be okay for that as well.

I haven’t done much frivolous shopping aside from groceries, cleaning supplies, and water. Again, somewhat related to the hard cash thing, but also because I wanted to decrease spending there. I brought a bunch of things so I could somewhat try and avoid frivolous buying. But…it has only been a week. Let’s see how long I can withhold from buying lol

Anyway have a great weekend folks!


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