Hello from Korea :)

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lateness of this post. I finished up training just after noon on Friday, and spent most of the afternoon/evening cleaning.

I got to Korea in the afternoon on Sunday, and went straight to my Hotel room.

I also got REALLY lucky and got a cool roommate. I think I would have been fine with the other two girls as well, so it isn’t that bad anyway :P

Then hell broke loose lol

I slept about 19 hours from Sunday night to Thursday night. I was miserable. I mean, I knew I wouldn’t get a LOT of sleep, but then my trainer sent this rather…depressing email, which caused me to freak out. Nice guy, and attractive, but after that email -______-

In any case, he was still great for trying to explain things, so I can’t knock him too much. I do appreciate the information I did get from him.

Met some interesting people from our training group as well.

Anyway, I ended up passing, but even if I hadn’t, my location would have taken me anyway. I mean why wouldn’t they…I’M AWESOME!

Oh, I didn’t think I Would have internet for a few more weeks, but then the teacher who trained me today for the younger grades said all I needed was a LAN cable. SURE ENOUGH…it works XD

Not sure for how long, but seeing as I still have a few weeks left to try and make my immigrant card, this will hopefully hold me over. On that note, not having a phone is pretty hard. I mean, there are times I really REALLY want to call my mom or friends who can translate something for me…but I can’t. Like last night, I wanted to do laundry, but couldn’t figure it out. I then tried to wash my feet…but it was only cold water. I found out MUCH later that it was because I didn’t turn on the heating. Oops. Didn’t know.

Anyway, I’m so SUPER Thankful for everything, despite the week of hell. My director is nice, the teachers are quirky in a wonderful way, and from what I got to see of the students on Monday, are awesome. I start my first class on Monday, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Hope to update you all again soon…but for now…bye :)


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