Let’s do this…

Dear reader and friends…

I am on my way to get on my direct flight to Korea.

When I was in mid early-mid 20s, I was so eager to graduate and go teach in Korea.

There were major roadblocks over the years, and a few detours…but I’m finally making it happen.

I shall update when I can, but might be after a week. The first week in Korea is dedicated to training with the academy. I also need to pass certain tests…so hope and pray that I don’t over think, and I pass them!!

I obviously want to start with a good first impression, and failing is not too ideal >_<

In any case, its weird knowing I'm leaving. I mean, I knew I would be, but wasn't sure when…only because of all the delays in the last few weeks. As such…I screwed up timing to meet up w some people. Luckily there is email, twitter, and Instagram to keep in touch :)

I'm in the middle seat on this CRAZY packed plane. A little worried, but all should be okay. Just won't drink as much water as I would normally on a long flight…

Well, wish me luck. Keep me in your thoughts…and I'll update you soon!

4 thoughts on “Let’s do this…”

    1. Thank you so much Vicky! Sorry for the delay in replying~ Hope you are doing well :)

  1. You made it!!! Leaving on V-Day was extra special too. All the best with training, and a new life!

    1. HAHA SB, it was special cause I had a date with me, and the whole plane xD

      Thank you for the wishes :)

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