Okay, another mini update :)

So, I’m currently sipping on my bbt from Real Fruit, while I wait for mom to finish up at the gym.

Why not do a mini update post while I’m waiting…so yay!

Well, I’ve mentioned it a few times, but truthfully I kept doubting it would actually happen. Well, I received my Visa confirmation number, and dropped off my passport at the consulate the other day to have my visa stamped.

That means…I probably have about a week left in Canada. I will finally, after probably nearly 8 years of hoping…will be teaching in Korea.

I’ve hit a few hiccups, and will continue to see some more my first week. This is since I need to do a health test (let’s hope I don’t have something severe I didn’t know about O___o), and have to do training that requires a few tests. If I fail, there is a possibility of having my contract revoked. Then its a mad scramble for a new job lol. In any case, I’m not too worried, as I know where my passion to work with children/youth, and know my skills. What I am worried about is my ability to memorize things. That and my health in terms of not being weak. I recently caught a cold, as I was recovering from the flu. This is what stress and worry does to you people…DONT BE STRESSED! Haha…I say that, but I’m the one who got sick :p

Anyway, the point is, the consulate said my visa should be done before Thursday next week. Then I want to leave asap, so I can hopefully see my aunt before training starts. She fell just after the new year, and…ended up breaking her hip. She had it replaced, and is finally at home. Usually this is really really bad for people her age, but when mom called to check in on her, she was feisty as ever. I officially know that all unintentional/kinda intentional snappy comments are part of my blood line from my moms side haha…

In any case, keep your fingers crossed for me, that…
– my visa gets completed without any issues, and hopefully by Monday/Tuesday. I filled out the form, so I shouldn’t be declined the visa.
– that I get at least 90% better by about the same time. I don’t want to be sick on the plane, or during training…I mean I’ll be sleep deprived and jet lagged
– that I don’t fail training (just need to try and remember not to panic)
– that I meet some great people during training, who I can work together with so we can all achieve our goals
– finally, that I might meet some people who I might be able to call friends in this new place

That’s about it for me. Still trying to fit what I need in my one checked luggage, and carry-on. Proving a little hard. But I was able to take all the mu and other face things I need to survive the first 6-9 months. I want to concentrate on converting the Korean Won into Canadian Dollars asap as the dollar has fallen quite a bit, which is in my favour for conversion. So rather save money for a bit, rather than spend like a nut :p

I’m pretty excited!

So, for now, that’s all I have for you. Ill update on progress once I have the passport back :)


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