What do you do when you are stressed?

Apparently this could be a potential question that I could be asked.

Now, for me, that is an “easy” one to try and answer (haha…).

Watch a clip of a drama/tv show/movie that I really like.

Depending on how bad it is, I might reach for something I know that will let me cry. I mean, after a good cry, I feel refreshed to tackle the challenge again. I know that has helped when I struggled with school. I know this isn’t for everyone, but for someone like me…well sometimes I just need it. To heck with puffy eyes. As long as I can get it out of my system, then I’ll do what I need. Generally, though, I watch something that I know will give me a “feel good” feeling. Like watching the latter half of You’ve Got Mail. Seeing Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks banter back and forth…then FINALLY come together? Or the lovely dance scene in Finding Jane. Then there is Ever After, seeing how far Drew Barrymore’s character has come to find her Prince…Okay, there is really too many to name…they are all generally cheesy. But what can you do, I like it thick and cheesy xD I should probably mention that I also like watching Fruits Basket…

There are times, however, that I like to listen to music. Sometimes something pretty…unlike me. Generally, it is a soothing voice like Josh Groban, anything classical, or listening to The Stars.

Other times, I read. The last few volumes of Fruits Basket (in Korean, as the last few volumes that I have are in Korean), some Darcy love, or some hopeless romance by Susan E Phillips.

Yes, there are many to choose from, all tailored for a specific reason.

That is partly why I am writing today.

Things are a little backwards with the process that I am going through, and I am pretty stressed. I don’t want the little nagging voice to bite down and firmly dissuade me. Told ya. I really don’t want to be a pessimist. At the same time, the reasons why I am thinking the way I am, is because for this matter, I am a realist. I know what is at stake, I know how important it is for the next year. And yet…things don’t seem to fall in place as they should.

Not to say that I am giving up, just…hoping that it is just something to ensure that I really want to do this.

I mean, ideally, I would love to attend Teacher’s College right now. But, money is a priority, and well…I have a few friends who have graduated from TC a few years back, and have yet to secure a full time job. I know one who worked in retail for a few years…and only JUST got into a school. We do what we can to not let our loans take over our lives. But if that is the case, I want to be teaching in whatever capacity that I can. So, that is why I am taking the next leap.

Dude! What about the reviews?!

Oh yes, how I miss blogging my reviews. That could be partly why I am stressed, as my dear beloved blog is also one of my outlets. I can say that I have some stored up. They have been written, I just need to fix pictures. Which always seems to be the case lol. Now if I could just take those pictures right the first time, I wouldn’t have to dread fixing them up, right? Psh…yeah right :P

In any case, I guess I was put into this spin when I read an email yesterday morning. I hadn’t expected it, so it threw me off my game a bit. So, keep your fingers crossed for me. That things will go as planned, and I won’t have to be delayed for no reason…and wouldn’t have wasted all this money to prep. Cause in all seriously, my wallet is crying at the paperwork fees. I wish I could be joking…but knowing I will have to spend a whole lot more in the next half year, makes me cringe. So let’s hope it goes right the first time, and I only need to spend 2 bills for the next half year.

Anyway, so keep your fingers crossed!! Thanks loves~:D

In the mean time…I am trying to remain collected, and trying to enjoy the last few sessions I have with my students. I hope that when I return, they will be successful teens in their final years of high school. Slightly doe-eyed, but excited to tackle the challenges of the next chapter in their lives. Thinking about that makes me smile.

Okay. I guess that is enough of a mini update from my late night rambles.


2 thoughts on “What do you do when you are stressed?

    • Michelllllllleeeeeee
      I hope that stresses are gone for you now (well most of it). I know you will be going through some more soon as the school year winds down. But hang in there, and keep hope missy! :)

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