Late night ramblings…

Here I am, back with yet another late night ramblings.

The last month has been pretty stressful with paper work not going my way, and just overall issues in communication with a medium. I mean, I depend on this person for the next year…I wish they would just do things in a quick and efficient manner. But apparently that is only in a perfect world -____- In any case, though 2015 has started off rather stressful, things should be falling into place very soon. When it does, I should be a happy camper.

In other news, I was forced to celebrate my birthday this year. It’s not that I didn’t want to. Rather, I wanted to spend it for me. So, doing things as a self reflection type of deal. But one of my close friends kept messaging me, and calling me, asking when I was setting my play date. Haha…I told her I love and hate her at the same time. But, I was also quite thankful. To have someone to care enough to want to celebrate. It’s funny cause that’s how I felt about my other good friends birthday in September as well. I forced her to play with me, as I wanted to celebrate her birthday. Anyway, the point is. I don’t dread this upcoming year. Yes, I am getting older (I have/should have 7 weddings to go to this year…more on that later), yes I am starting to feel that age. HOWEVER, at the same time, I am thankful. The last couple of years have been tough, but looking back…I’m thankful to have put it behind me. I’m thankful to go on ahead and see what else is in store for me.

So, despite the fact that I was forced to drink more Soju than I would have personally liked (Im the weakest drinker in our group of friends…always have been), and my head hurts right now, I’m thankful to have had company to celebrate the last day/first day of a new year.

It was funny.

As my friend and I were sitting on the TTC subway on the way home…she was saying something…and it suddenly hit me. This time next year, she would have been married for a few months, which would mean this is one of the last few times I will get to travel home late with her. Weird because she is my Westend Toronto travel buddy. Then I almost teared up. I squashed it down. Squashed it down good…but…it did make me choke up a bit.

In any case, the point is…I am looking forward to this next year. I hope that some of the things that I have planned, go my way. I hope that some of the things I have hoped for, happen.

As a random note, I wanted to have an Oreo McFlurry for the first “meal” of my new year, so we made a pitstop at a McDonalds. So yummy, but not sure if it was worth bumping into interesting people. lol

Okay…I have to get to bed. The next 16 hours is going to be filled with a lot of food OTL



2 thoughts on “Late night ramblings…

  1. Happy belated, E :) A McFlurry to start a new age is a perfect idea. For me, it’d be a froyo topped with lots of boba and mochi, but the idea is the same eh?

    • !!!! My froyo stores changed out the mochi!! So I don’t get to put that in anymore :( I think not a lot of people used it, so it would get hard.
      Horrible, cause that was why I would go in the first place! haha

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