3-in-1 Micellar Solution by Marcelle

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Marcelle Micellar Solution
Why hello there…

Marcelle Micellar Solution
You look a little familiar.

I didn’t realize how familiar…til I read Sparkled Beauty’s post on the product. It probably said it on the Press Release…and I just didn’t read it (I think I accidentally tossed it with the packaging -___- #fail Esther…fail). Basically the 3-in-1 Micellar Solution was formally known as Soothing Cleansing Water! I mean, I use this stuff! That’s why it was familiar in use lol. I have the LE size which was on clearance for $10. You can usually find this at the Lisa’s Sale when it does happen.

A 3-in-1 solution that gently cleanses, effectively removes make-up from both face and eyes, and soothes the skin. Its no-rinse formula micro-emulsifies impurities without irritating even the most dry and intolerant skin.

It is effective even on longwear and waterproof make-up. The skin is left exceptionally clean, fresh and soothed.

Ensures SUPERIOR MAKE-UP REMOVAL thanks to its advanced micellar technology
– Via website

The thing is, I didn’t like the flip/press top, or the pump. So the fact that it has been repackaged into a press down pump, is quite awesome. I actually have one more of the larger size, so I am trying to finish this up quick, that way I can decant it into this new container for use.

Marcelle Micellar Solution Marcelle Micellar Solution
Marcelle Micellar Solution
I usually wear waterproof mascara, a smudge resistant/long wear shadow pencil, waterproof eyeliner, all on top of a primer. I press down twice on the pump, and press the pad to my eye. I press so that the lashes are pressed upwards, then adjust it so that my lashes are being pressed downwards. Then do a clean up around the area. I was a little rough so that is why my eye is red. It actually doesn’t sting, unless the flakes of the eyeliner get into my eye. Also, I flip the pad to the other side, and do a secondary swipe to get all the bits of mascara and eyeliner off my face. The great thing about this is, that if I am SUPER lazy, I can do this all in my room within minutes, and jump in bed. No rinsing is required of me. Of course, I usually do end up washing my face (I have to do every part to try and keep my adult hormonal acne at bay).

You can find it at your local drug store, Well.ca, or on the Marcelle website for $20CAN. There are frequently sales for about 20-30%, so you only need to wait a little if you think it is too pricey. I have not used the Bioderma one in AGES, so I can’t compare. But in terms of value, this is cheaper.

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  1. I was decanting the cleansing water from the flip top bottle to the giant pump bottle, might adopt the idea of decanting it to the newest bottle too lol

  2. I am kind of shocked that you didn’t read my press release. I mean… I worked HARD.
    I’m glad you’re enjoying the new pump bottle. #wootwoot

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