90% Better…finally…

So, I mentioned I got sick just before New Year’s…well…I’m only JUST getting over it. It was a cold, but I was terribly stressed with some future plans, and my body gave up. Weak system mean I picked up a throat infection, that then spread to a sinus infection…and my head was messed up! Haha…I had to delay two interviews because of that, and I am almost positive it hurt me in the long run. It couldn’t be helped, since I had no voice to speak with -____-

In any case, at least I am nearly better! Woo. I also hope that this will be the only major sickness I have for this winter *fingers crossed*

There isn’t much to update. I had to start tutoring again as my plans for February do not look too good. The condition that I need to take my vacation for November seems to be a deterrent for a lot…but seeing as I can’t work around it, I have to try and be patient. Let’s see how long I last.

On the note of tutoring, it took 4 months, but one of my students has finally warmed up and isn’t apprehensive about trying to work on Math. Little steps are better than none, and makes me proud that they are working on trying.

On another note, if you are a parent with a child struggling with math. Before you decide to throw them in to an applied class (Ontario Curriculum), do ensure that they are actually doing their homework. Applied Math has a horrible reputation for many schools. It ends up being a ‘fun’ class, that reverts back to basic math, if even that. Usually many freak out that their child is not getting the marks, and it tends to be because of the fact that they are not applying the concepts that they are to learn. In any case, just make sure they are doing their work, and trying to pay attention in class. Also make sure that they are not looking to go into something that is math related in University (should they choose University), as taking an Applied course will immediately make them ineligible to take courses. Of course they could take the Academic Math courses during the summer, but having experienced taking math in the summer, I can tell you that it is brutal. Anyway, it was just something that I had to discuss with with a few of my students.

My mother found the awesomeness that is Youtube, when it comes to learning something. She has always knit before, but she recently started learning new patterns (?) that she was unable to do before. We are never too old to learn something, and it keeps the mind active. So I was glad that she has been to enthusiastic about this. Definitely better than her watching only Korean Dramas that make absolutely no sense! lol

Back to February, I have no news of it yet. I sent an email to the recruiter. I told them if they don’t think that it is possible, to let me know. I would love to continue to work with them, as they were highly recommended to me by a few people. But seeing as my conditions are, different from those who usually apply, it appears to be more difficult for them. That means that I will have to search on my own…or reach out to another group. Not looking forward to that, but hopefully something will happen with this first one. I decided to lower one of my other expectations, so if they think that it might help…well I’m just keeping my fingers crossed. I really cannot afford to spend another full month -___-

No Instagram update tomorrow since I haven’t posted anything. There wasn’t anything interesting anyway, as I spent most of it in bed.

What else…

I guess that is it for the popcorn update for now…

Keep your fingers crossed for me :)

Edit 9:30pm: Sigh, had to ditch the person I was working with. Unfortunately their new time line does not work for me. It was really unfortunate cause I did technically like working with them. Might try and use them for next year…but for now, I’m scrambling again. Fingers AND toes crossed for me please…

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