Toronto Premium Outlets: Gotta love a great deal

My mother wanted to possibly exchange a Burberry coat that she bought recently, so despite the fact that I am still trying to recover…she dragged me out to Toronto Premium Outlets.

The sales section isn’t always accurate, but they do try to keep it up to date. I say that isn’t always, as Kate Spade, Burberry, and Hudson’s Bay (the ones I have gone to on a few occasions) aren’t always updated with the sales. Still, it is a rough guideline. On thing to note, is that they also have an additional 10% off on Tuesdays, for those who are over the age of 50, as part of their “50 Plus Shopper Perks”. Check the website, but there is currently 14 stores that participate in that.

Anyway, we checked out Kate and Burberry, but the deals weren’t that awesome…so we stopped by Hudson’s Bay Outlet. I actually like this one, as it is packed with stuff, yet not disorganized. At least not to the extent of the of their Queensway one. Now that one is a disaster…but at least they have great deals there as well.

Back to the point of this post.

Mother Dearest and I…had fun.

We bought 3 coats/jackets, one dress, one poncho…for $150 taxes in.

Toronto Premium Outlets
Toronto Premium Outlets
The deals vary depending on what you are buying, but as long as it had a square brown sticker they were either 60% or 70% off the lowest ticketed price. The coats were 70% off the listed price (move the decimal over to the left one place, then multiply by 3 to get your approximate price to pay). Sweaters were 60% off. So generally they were a great deal.

We saved $317.71 (Sorry its so blurry, forgot to check when I was taking pictures with the phone)
Toronto Premium Outlets

Toronto Premium Outlets
Hilary Radley (~$45)
My favourite purchase. Loved the collar on this one, and it just made me feel happy when worn. Was apparently $289.99, down to $144.99, then 70% off.

Toronto Premium Outlets
Tsinuk (~$25 in store, but $70 online Hudson Bay online)
Mom’s favourite purchase, as she was looking for a thinner down jacket. Was apparently $225, down to $112.50, but apparently was marked down further, as we didn’t pay the $33 I expected to pay with the 70% off.

Toronto Premium Outlets
Anne Klein (~$30)
I picked this up, since I like the big oversize, mens wear inspired look. It is a bit bulky at the shoulder, even after sizing down. But love it :P Was apparently $199.99, marked down to $99.99, then 70% off.

Toronto Premium Outlets
Ralph Lauren (~$45)
Mom loved the colour (which is much darker than pictured). The poncho style looked good on her, so I didn’t dissuade her from buying. Was apparently $149, down to $84.50, then 60% off.

Toronto Premium Outlets
BCBGeneration (~$10)
Fine detail stitching is always poorly done on BCBGeneration dresses. I have a few in my collection, and I have ALWAYS had to redo them once I got home. This was no exception. It was $10, but a lot of the dresses, the stones had fallen off. Still, it looked cute on, and would be a good playful outfit for the warmer weather. Was apparently $113, marked down to $59, then became a final set price of $9.99.

Toronto Premium Outlets
Toronto Premium Outlets
The dots on the tags represent different things. I can’t remember what pink was…30%? In any case, I was tempted to buy a Cambridge Satchel…

Toronto Premium Outlets
I actually really wanted the Hudson’s Bay Collection satchel…but it was still pretty pricey for canvas. So I did pass on this…but I loved the simplicity.

The lady couldn’t tell me when the sale was over, but if you are around, might as well check it out. There weren’t that many coats to choose from…so if you were interested, you might want to do that sooner rather than later.

All in all, I am coughing up a lung, but at least I have a new lovely coat :P

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