O HUI Sun Science Perfect Sunblock

O Hui
Ohui Sun Science Perfect Sunblock Red Ex+

So, in the beginning of summer, I stayed over at my friends place for a week. While there, we decided to go out…but I needed sunblock. My friend busted out her her bottle of O Hui, and introduced me to the lovely world.

One of the great things about this, was the fact that I applied it on my bare face, nothing else on…and I wasn’t oily! After a few hours, I was still pretty matte. I mean, for my oily skin, that was a awesome thing to discover. So I knew that it was one of the things I needed to pick up, when I was to return from Korea.

The O HUI Sun Science line is actually quite a big thing in Korea. I actually wanted to get the powder sunblock as well, but it was really really light. In any case, the interesting thing about this, was that there are three versions of it. Red (which is the one I got), Blue, and Black. They all have slightly different targets for the skin and the way that it interacts with the sun.

Red (looks green) – The green colour helps to counteract the redness in the skin. I believe the SA also said for skin that gets darker too easily from the sun

Blue (looks yellow) – For drier skin, so it hydrates

Black (looks beige) – Because it has a beige tinge, it can even out the skin. For daily use but for skin that burns easily

Since the Red had a duo pack for 47, I bought that.

O Hui

O Hui
O Hui
O Hui
(You can see that it shows up white at my wrist. It does settle into the skin a bit more, so you are not left with a completely white cast on the skin)

Upon application, it looks…streaky, and oily. So when applying this, I would suggest you apply, then go brush your teeth, or dry your hair. Once your skin finishes absorbing the product, you won’t see the white cast you initially see, and it won’t be oily either. When you rub against the skin, you will notice that there is something there, as there is a slight odd resistant texture, but you can’t feel it on your skin when worn. Oh, there is also a slight cosmetic fragrance. Nothing too over the top though.

Basically, the fact that it acts as a primer for my oily skin, has got my number. I can’t remember if it was the Marcelle BB, or the CoverGirl Get Gorgeous Foundation, but when worn on top of the O Hui, makes me nose a tad shiny. But nothing out of control. Otherwise, just the sunblock alone, no shine for the good chunk of my day.

O Hui
Has the expiry date. This is good through 2017, unless you open it. Then you have to swap it out at its opened expiry.

O Hui
I wish the tube was a little more soft. It isn’t hard to squeeze out the product, but it would have been nicer to be a little softer on the hands. On the plus side, you don’t have to worry that you will overly dispense the product.

O Hui


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