Last week on Instagram…

had a few issues like week, and I finally acquired the cold that has been going around. Skipped out on NYE celebration at a friend’s house. Then spent the new year with creating this 2 minute video for something…which only made my body feel worse lol

In any case, currently battling a throat infection! Woo!

Seriously, next year I vow to ensure I am not sick for NYE and the first week of the new year!

I had to get some documents done, so I had to meet with someone. The Starbucks location was a first for me, and it was really pretty.

I was browsing SDM since I hadn’t in ages, and came across this mini size of their eye makeup remover!! Isn’t it just the CUTEST size? I love mini’s

It was pretty cold Friday night, and I went out to eat with a few of my highschool friends…Food was awesome…but I got a bit sicker on Saturday. As such…I spent the day in bed. Which wasn’t horrible…but at least it let me get sleep, something I couldn’t do at night because of my coughs

Later that evening I got out of bed to eat for the first time of the day. Nothing fancy…

So, a boring week, considering I spent most of it sick. I’m still battling symptoms. I told the doc I needed stronger antibiotics as my body doesn’t respond to the weaker ones anymore (several cases of ear infections, and throat infections means my body does not care for the weaker stuff). He didn’t really listen…so I may have to go back to get stronger ones…I should be seeing weaker symptoms, but it only seems to be getting worse. Let’s hope I am wrong though…

Have a great Monday folks. Hope that your commute wasn’t too bad, considering the kiddie’s are back to work


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