Looking back on 2014

Let’s look back on my 2014. It was a bit of a rough year for me in a lot of different ways…but it is nice looking back on how far I’ve come.


  • Aside from the fact that I was sick, I didn’t start off the new year the way I would have thought
  • Watched American Hustle
  • Got really stressed and upset with UT. I swear they seek to screw you over
  • Celebrated my birthday
  • Hung out with the rest of the #BeautyUnited for the Grammy preview party at the Thompson Hotel
  • Met a cool gal in my Poetry class. Prof was pretty awesome, and taught us a lot about a world that I didn’t really know much about


  • Went to the Pantene Beauty Hair Blow Out, had fun catching up with the lovely ladies (my hair looked awesome)
  • Played lazer tag for our annual HPA get together, love this family of mine
  • Took a break


  • Realized that even those you might have known for over a decade…can let you down in the worst of ways possible
  • I started blogging again, just as I started in the first place. A form of self therapy
  • Realized that UTM is a hardass
  • Love that a classmate had my back, despite only having known me for a month
  • Decided to ban Tucker’s Marketplace, after the EXTREMELY poor way they handled an issue at one of their restaurants. They are lucky my mother didn’t get hurt, otherwise I would have turned my dear awesome personal injury lawyer on them. As a side note, it was only after the mention of a lawyer to intercede that they even asked if we were okay. Not cool. Never again.


  • Dearest Friend got engaged :D the third from my high school group of friends. Wish I could have celebrated with her and her Fiancees friend’s…too bad we weren’t in the inner circle *cries*
  • Bought a ticket for a week get away to Korea. Commence countdown
  • Thankful that my Prof took me aside to talk to me. Why didn’t they have Profs like this when I first started in University? I would have had a much better time then. Plus, I had a lot of fun learning in her classes.
  • I’m a bridesmaid :)
  • Had an unexpected visitor the last day of the semester, just after I wrote an exam. Was not cool. (No, it wasn’t Aunt Flow)


  • PBunnieP came to Toronto, and we got to hang out :D
  • Won the Shiseido Cotton Giveaway :D (and the post I shared half a year later lol)
  • Started summer school. But it’s okay, it will be the last. Plus I met some nice people
  • Partial closure


  • Disappointment in our CJS
  • Got scolded by my friend. That is what friends are supposed to be like. They should challenge you when they think you are taking the wrong path/made a mistake (I’m looking back at this now…and cannot for the life of me remember what they scolded me for…I hope that when the situation comes up again…I act according to the new view…)
  • Friend got engaged, 4th from our old high school group
  • Attended the uber fun Annabelle Party
  • Found out I won theInsiders LePage giveaway tool kit
  • Got my first Pandora ring thanks to their promo sale. Was a big deal for me lol. Friend and I took ages to pick them out
  • Found the family registry for my dads side of the family, for when he and my mother got married. Was interesting learning more about his side of the family
  • Mom cut her hair. It is a longer version of the pixie cut. This is significant only because I haven’t seen her like that, and…it was weird lol but in a good way :)


  • Celebrated with a friend for her bachelorette
  • Palmolive Jug from Costco decided to unload itself in the trunk. Colgate Palmolive thought they were being SUPER nice to send me a generic email of apology and $10 in coupons. Does not cover the cleaning cost, or the actual cost of the product I had bought in the first place. Plus I didn’t like the dismissive nature of the suggestions to prevent this. That’s fine, I like PG and Dawn better anyway…
  • Got to see a friend I haven’t seen in ages
  • booked the place to stay while I am in Korea
  • Had an incident in the parking lot of Target…(as of the first week of December it was ‘resolved’. However, if they act like this on behalf of Target…guess who is not shopping at Target anymore. I ended up returning everything that I didn’t use out of spite. Lucky that their return policy is so long). Law friend still thinks I should take it further


  • Finally completed it. Success
  • Met up with pals, and laughed, made fun, gushed over random things for 4 hours at Starbucks. Thank goodness for the nice patio weather :D
  • Found out my plans for the upcoming year are going to be delayed a few months :T
  • Attended a friends wedding. Its funny because when we were kids, we hated each other because of the hand of a twisted girl we mutually knew. Luckily thanks to another good friend whom we  mutually know, brought us together again.


  • Spent a random day around the city, with good friend for her bday
  • Bought a battery bank. I find that news because it was so freaking hard to decide! lol
  • Received my replacement Nexus 4 phone, and got the Bzzkit
  • Participated in the Influenster Twitter chat, and won for participating (As of now, still haven’t received my prize :T)
  • KOREA 2014! It will be 4 years since I visited in December of 2010, so I am super glad to go
  • Climbed Bukhasan for kicks (hmm…I don’t know where those pictures are…)
  • Went to my first Jimjilbang!!! TOTALLY AWESOME! Totally worth trying not be embarrassed over :P


  • Danced away the night, celebrating the wedding of one of my closest guy friends. <3 to L & V


  • It may have taken forever, but I finally have it. This piece of paper took awhile, but I have it.
  • Got fingerprinted for clearance
  • Getting consulate run around


  • One month left to another change in life
  • Got the run around for the consul
  • Received a phone call which I didn’t care for anymore
  • Did a lot of paperwork
  • Tutored my last student at a place I’ve pretty much called home for nearly a decade
  • Thankful for all the opportunities that this blog has had over the last year. Thankful for all the new readers, commenters…friends :)
  • Guess who is sick (+ got cramps) for NYE? While friends are having fun at the house parties I was supposed to attend -___-
  • Excited to say goodbye to 2014…good riddance…

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