Last week on Instagram…

…and the last post for this year!

Fat Bastard Burrito, at Jane Station, Toronto. This place was under “construction” for over a year! I was trying to show patience…eventually got to try it. Staff was relatively nice, which made the meal yummier

One of the things, aside from being thankful for this time to remember the blessing that Christ was born, is to be thankful for the precious people around us. The ones who support us in both the great times and the bad. Even you, who are reading this, have been important to my journey in this last year. So thank you so much.

I had to redeem my Starbucks reward. Normally I would let it expire, but luckily there was a store that opened up relatively near me. I don’t have to drive 15+ minutes to the nearest location any more…its more like less than 5! Woo! Also, there is my new Kate Spade wallet that was a gift from my dear friend A. Love it. Has SOOOO many pockets :D

So many movie tickets! I’m dumping out old notes (I still had Psyc notes…from when I was attempting a Major in it), and remembered a talk about movie stubs with a friend. I was looking to see if I had the Titanic ones, but it seems the earliest is 1997 for me. I also don’t have a lot…as I keep forgetting to put them in the box >_<

I've been craving nachos. These are from Montana's on The Queensways. I'm not a fan of the place…this time was no exception. Guess it was because of the holiday's? But they seemed slightly understaffed, and just, not enough care for the patrons. Normal circumstances I would have created a big fuss, but with the holidays, stress is higher for everyone. That leads to residual issues. So I opted to keep quiet, to the amazement of my company lol But, the nachos were good, though they were cold when delivered.

AHHHHHHH!!!! 90's Kpop. The thing is, I probably haven't listened to kpop as much as I did back then. Maybe it is because I am getting older, but the new stuff does not appeal to me in any way. Well, not usually at least. In any case, this series of three episodes has been awesome so far. The last one is next week, and I cannot wait :P

Hope that you have all being doing well, and eating LOTS during this break :)


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