Just a follow up from the last one…

It is yet again 2:30-ish when I post this. Its just…quieter at home. I’ve always been more of a night owl, though I do love my sleep. In any case, I wanted to do a small update.

I ended up having my screening interview with the recruiter. The thing is…I almost made a HUGE mistake with the Korean time. That would have been an epic fail for a math tutor lol. In any case, I realized my mistake, and set 10 different alarms on the phone, as well as reminders around the house. Then I proceeded to enjoy my Sunday, having lunner with two lovely friends.

I got home 2 hours before the Skype interview…and I was freaking out. Internally. I kept looking at the mirror. I kept checking to ensure that I was connected. Then I figured I would use my brother’s Mac, but the camera didn’t work for some reason. So what was a gal to do? I used my phone.

Of course I need to freak out that my phone might die, despite having 80% battery left. But if I connect it to the charger, I can’t prop it upright…

That, dear readers, is when I utilized my Selfie Stick/Monopod lol

In any case, I got it all set up.

And proceeded with my interview.

First off, I wish that things could go well, and I can find a placement with this recruiter. I just really had fun with our interview. It was not all one way, but rather he shared his experiences living in Canada as well, and was VERY informative about the Visa process. Of course, a lot of that went over my head, but a trip to the Consulate will hopefully help me out. In any case, I hope that things go well. Will have to send a reference letter, and hopefully manage to finish up my video tomorrow.

I told him that I totally understood that my requirements were a little difficult to work with (that I expect a minimum of 2.3 for pay, and need to have my vacation during that week in November). On the flip side, I did tell him I would be open to placement (anywhere, though I do prefer Seoul or Gyeunggido, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to meet up with my Aunts as often…and time is ticking for the opportunity to do so), I was open to working weekends if the pay was good, and that I was flexible for age group (though I would prefer older years over Kindie’s if the chance allows.

He also told me that I should get the F4 Visa. He listed a few good reasons, most importantly that I could leave the placement should anything happen (such as them not honouring the stated vacation), not that something should as they have taken care to look into the schools, but just in case. I really appreciated that, since I can’t miss that wedding (she would hate me for life, and I would be down a Bridesmaid should I get married in the future). He also mentioned if the pay wasn’t enough, I could at least pick up gigs to tutor with the F4. Which is true…and my cousin’s kids are in the upper years ready to take their exams…so I could have the opportunity to tutor with kids.

Anyway, the only problem was…he said that a position for me, with my requirements…would probably only happen at the end of February.


That is the problem.
I can’t work at my current place, since this plan is too unstable. Should I have to pickup and leave suddenly, that would mess up the schedule with our students. It just isn’t fair to my kiddies. Having to wait two months is a huge damper. I’m actually considering taking the lower pay…just so that I don’t have to lose out. But when I calculated, it technically would be a little helpful to hold out. I can afford to wait a little bit…so we will see where this goes.

Basically it is a lot of finger crossing, and hoping.

So…we will see.
Looks like I won’t get my wish of leaving just before the end of January, but hopefully things will move a little faster…*fingers crossed*

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