Sitting around…waiting…

My sleep schedule has been officially messed up! I finished working with my students yesterday…which means I am on hardcore hunting duty!

Anyway, I applied to a recruiter late Sunday evening. I know I haven’t reached the end of their 2-3 day wait period, but the personal luck pessimist in me says that I won’t get a reply.


I messed up the summary. Note to self/Note to anyone…if you have a small form to fill in a certain amount of words, so it in word. When you are done, paste it into the form on the website. Basically, I had gone past the number of words, so I was editing in the little form. I submitted (I try to argue to myself that it was 1am, and that I was just tired…), I realized that I had missed deleting two words! ACK! Anyway, that is why I don’t think I will hear from them.

So where does that leave me?

Well, I was browsing some hashtags on Instagram, and came across an individual who had taught, but had just returned home from her contract. SCORE! So I made an inquiry, and got two more chances to try and get through this. I also learned of another recruiter that is apparently fairly reliable from yet another Instagram user, who posted her blog link.

I was trying to get my documents verified/inquire about verification from the Korean Consulate, but it always, ALWAYS goes to voicemail. I also do not get a call back despite leaving a message. So it looks like I will have to make a trek downtown to ask them in person. Then, when I get a proper answer, will have to hunt down a Notary to get my documents done. I just wanted proper answers so I wouldn’t have to waste time, waste money…but I guess it can’t be helped.

Back back to the point. I need this opportunity to go through soon. I wanted to actually attend my friends wedding in January. Plus with other life events, would rather be abroad. I actually emailed her today. And already was so disapppointed T___T I still am holding on to a glimmer of hope, but unless her wedding is the end of the month, I probably won’t make it. Ah well. At least I have time to make the other wedding in March.

On the mention of weddings, I actually have 6 weddings that I am invited to for 2015. One I am in, the two in Korea, 3 high school friends, and one other family friend. Just nuts O___O First time I had this many. I peaked at 5 a few years back when I was more active in my church. Now that was brutal on my student wallet. But all great times of course, so no worries.

Okay…I think I have finally forced my body into exhaustion. My eyes are starting to hurt. This seems to be the only way to sleep lately, since I panic worry about the next month. I’m already packing…just let me leave!! haha…I’ll keep you updated :)


4 thoughts on “Sitting around…waiting…

  1. I hope everything goes well for us!
    A bunch of people in my church and other close friends got married this year, so I’ve been to 9. My poor wallet. :(

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