Last week on Instagram…

So @pixiwoos shared this today. As I get older, this point shows up more and more.

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I started the week with this…
It rings so true as I get older. My favourite one was this one flakey friendship. She was in the US, and told me to meet her at Niagara. Kept telling me to buy tickets to take the Greyhound to meet them. Something kept telling me to wait. So wait I did. 8 Hours before I was supposed to meet her, I get a call. They met with issues at the border (with her then partner), and she couldn’t come over. In any case, the point is…evaluate. Over course, don’t over analyze, but…evaluate.

My grandmother always had plastic bags folded up and tied with elastic bands in her handbag. So cute…Got it from her, cause I don’t like tossing my bags as well lol

I had WANTED to get these cups…but didn’t get a chance to drink one when it was out in the summer. BUT! I was meeting up with M & S, and well…we went to the new Chatime beside the Bata Shoe Museum…and BAM! This was $6CAN for the Milk Black Tea with Tapioca. I was a happy, HAPPY Camper.

Im super late for the #12daysofbeauty #beautyunited #photochallenge. Bbbbbbut at least you guys still have time to enter. Today its all about "Baby, its cold outside" With the temps dropping, its easy to forget to keep keep hydrated by slathering yourself with stuff (before, after, and even the in between!). I got this box filled w winter goodies, and the lovely BU decided to also offer one up for readers. Thankful they not think of just me, but you all as well. Comment below stating "enter me". A winner will be selected by noon, Dec 18. If I have no received a reply by 9pm that night, I'll pick another winner (I have to stick to the deadline to submit). This giveaway is only open to those with Canadian addresses. For those who dont have Instagram, shoot me an email or tweet me. #canadiansonly #canadiangiveaway #canadianbloggers #bbloggers #olay #pantene #christmas

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#BeautyUnited has given the bloggers an opportunity to giveaway a pack of GREAT goodies. Check it out on the Instagram picture for more info :)

After tutoring, I went to my Mom’s friends store, as she and Mom wanted to chat a bit more. I saw her arrange this piece, and it was quite interesting. I actually am not a fan of flowers (in general…chocolates>flowers)


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