Smells like…grapes…

*Products in this post were gifted to me from a friend. Views and opinion are my own*

Caudalie Make Up Remover

A few months back, I received this set as a gift from my friend AY, as a celebratory gift. It was great timing, as I got both for the price of the Vinosource. Plus, I wouldn’t have spent the money to buy this for myself. So, I loved the mini splurge.

I’m no stranger to the Make-Up Remover Cleansing Water. I’ve had a deluxe sample size in a sample kit from Caudalie, and then had a mini size as a reg sample from Sephora.

Now, Caudalie uses grapes in their products. Now, this is good for everything, but slightly annoying for the nose if you are sensitive.

Caudalie Make Up Remover

Caudalie Make Up Remover
Caudalie Make Up Remover
Left to right
Annabelle Smudgeliner
Annabelle Smoothie
Make Up For Ever Aqualiner (Waterproof)
Marcelle Rouge Xpression
CoverGirl Foundation
Revlon Lash Potion Mascara (Waterproof)

I didn’t have to rub. I basically pressed to the skin (using a cotton pad), waited a few seconds, than wiped. As you can see, everything else did manage to do well aside from the waterproof products. But then again, the waterproof products always need some extra help. You can remove them, you just need to really put some effort into it. But who wants to scrub away and ruin the skin around your eyes?

Anyway, the smaller size is $16CAN at Sephora, or $29CAN for the larger size.


2 thoughts on “Smells like…grapes…

  1. I have a deluxe sample of the cleansing water that I still haven’t gotten around to using, but I can’t wait to try it out once I finish my bottle of Bioderma.

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