Korea 2014: EG Sim

*This post was not sponsored by EG Sim in any way. Views and opinions of the sim are of my own experience*

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Total fail on my part. Poor planning and other home things, meant that I couldn’t get it down til now. Let us all ignore the errors I made in punctuation in this post…more so than usual…okay?? lol


Korea 2014: EG Sim

One of the big things about travelling to another country, is I want to be able to maintain contact no matter what. Not just because I would be completely deprived of all the people I keep in contact with, but generally for safety reasons as well.

As such, having a phone was important. But it was having a phone, with data capabilities that was what I needed.

Since my Aunts are all much older, and cannot use new age phones, I needed one that would let me call using regular minutes, and then data to be able to message and contact my parents back at home. I searched a lot, wanting to go with the Data Eggs…but in the end went with EG Sim. It was good for me, as I could use my phone (you must make sure that your phone is UNLOCKED), then slip in the sim when you get to Korea

Korea 2014: EG SimKorea 2014: EG Sim

Korea 2014: EG Sim
Because they have all their rates on the website, I found that 30,000won would be more than enough for my data usage, as well as the calls I would need to make. In the end, it really was enough. I actually had about 3000won left, which I tried using, but just couldn’t use up.

EG Sim basically works on the prepaid system. They have micro and nano cards, in the 30,000won and 50,000won denomination. These can be picked up at various places. Since I was arriving ‘late’, I calculated that if there were any delays, I would be better off buying my sim straight from GS25. If you do pick up, it is slightly cheaper though.

Korea 2014: EG Sim

Anyway, I picked it up, and luckily there were these gentlemen who work with EG Sim, who were helping everyone set up their phones on the system. This is great, since, despite the fact that they have instructions on the website for all sorts of trouble shooting issues, things can get wonky. Also, if they cannot get the sim to work on your phone, you are able to have it refunded. Not sure if this applies everywhere, but it was the case at Incheon Airport where they guys were.

Korea 2014: EG Sim


Basically, you use the 30,000won towards a data pack (I chose 1gig), and then the rest of minutes. You can also recharge your account by the Website or through the app.

The booklet has instructions should you not have the awesome gentlemen to help you out.
Korea 2014: EG Sim
Korea 2014: EG Sim
Korea 2014: EG Sim
You can’t avoid the passport thing. Since the product cannot be used by those who live in Korea, you need to register with them using your passport. If you are uncomfortable with that, than you will have to look elsewhere. I do think that this is a requirement for all though…

If you are going, I would of course suggest you buy the 1gig data pack, as you get free wifi as well. Note, that you may need to email them a few times for it to eventually work, but it is worth it. You will be able to glean the wifi on the subway line. For reference, I basically used up my 1gig in a little over the 5 day mark. I used it for Instagram, emails, Twitter, and Kakao Talk. So I did go through it rather quickly. It didn’t help that I couldn’t access the wifi of the place I stayed, so I ate a lot of data there as well.

Korea 2014: EG Sim
Korea 2014: EG Sim
Korea 2014: EG Sim
I would also HIGHLY suggest that you check out the Event Page of their website, as they might have special promotions going on. I went to Korea during the time that they gave out a free POP card (which is the black card in the first picture). I just needed to show them the app that I downloaded. It is only a few dollars, but hey, it was still useful as I needed for travel!

Korea 2014: EG Sim
Download their app. You can then check your usage, which updates throughout the day, and I didn’t have issues with over usages being recorded.

If you have any issues when you have bought it, check out the FAQ’s on the website. If you cannot find your issue there, send them an email using their support form. They usually got back to me in about 6 hours, during business hours. Otherwise, if it is a huge issue, you may want to visit them at one of their branches for personal help.

Anyway, I had a great experience with them. No dropped calls, no connectivity issues. The wifi thing was minor, as they were able to fix it in two days/3 emails. For the price I paid, and the fact that I could keep my sanity with my own phone, meant a lot to me.

Well that is my mini experience with the EG Sim card.

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