Checking out a new to me sheet mask


Many many moons back, three of these skincare buddies were mine.

Now, I’m quite loyal to my lovely My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Sheet Masks. They work with my skin, and deal with the acne scaring.

But I have seen Maskeraide pop up on the blogs that I follow, and seen the tweets on Twitter. I even saw them at IMATS Toronto. But I could never justify getting them, at least until I got through my stash.

I enjoyed the colour coding of the description to the front of the mask.
I liked that the instructions were clearly written, and large enough. No squinting like some other masks…

Formulated in Canada, but made in Korea. Represent!

Also, only one had the expiry date.

So what did I think?

Detox Diva

I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

Beauty Rest’ore (I only got the pun when I wrote this post -____- I am too slow sometimes…)

I get that they are targeted to different causes, but in all seriousness, I couldn’t tell. That isn’t to say that they weren’t good. Just that, I didn’t need to spend 20 minutes pondering which one I should get.

When I peeled it off, the serum would just sit there, as the mask was HEAVILY saturated with the product. Even after pulling out the mask, there was so much inside the package that I used it all over my neck! So I love that you get your money worth there. If you have those pill looking paper masks, I would totally suggest you shove one inside, and use it the next day.

The sheet itself, was soft. But overly thick. Reminds me of the MBD, just a little thinner.\

Yes, I took pictures again for you guys to see lol

If you think you have a larger forehead, this probably won’t cover much of it as I discovered. I need to face it. My face is just weird.

I didn’t have enough at the top, but had too much on the bottom, lol.


Since the mask doesn’t suit me, just like my MBD ones, I made little cuts all over the place. That way it will sit better on my face, hugging the curves.

The serum isn’t clear like my other masks, but has a milky look to it.

When I woke up in the morning, you could tell that the serum had persisted throughout the night. It wasn’t sticky, and my skin wasn’t oily. It was just right.

Now, the thing is, these guys are $6CAN each. Yup…a little pricey, I won’t deny it. I can hear my wallet crying already. But, like I mentioned, you could probably get two uses if you use the paper pill masks with the left over serum. So it doesn’t make it too bad.

I would, however, LOVE to see a package deal. Especially since my MBD ones run about $14CAN for a pack of 10. If buying multiples could bring down the cost, it might be easier to swallow in terms of price.

You can check them out at

So, have you tried the Maskeraide masks yet? Do you even use sheet masks?? Do you look creepy like I do when you use a sheet masks?! Haha :P


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