Alas…it wasn’t meant to be for me…

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DryBar Lemon Drop

During the VIB Sephora sale, I came across the Drybar Lemon Drop website (I was looking for a filler cheap thing to add to the order). Regularly priced at $15US/CAN, I figured that with the discount of $3, I could be happy with it. I mean, that colour! So bright and vibrant. Plus, it is supposed to be good for wet or dry hair (again perfect for me), and is supposed to be gentle enough for extensions as well (not me).

DryBar Lemon Drop

I placed my order.

Many MANY sleep later, it eventually was in my little hands.

DryBar Lemon Drop
DryBar Lemon Drop
It feels super nice, and I have to say that it did untangle the crazy knots that form at the nape. It fit well in my hand, without feeling like it would slip when dealing with the toughest of knots. I even used it in the Kiss Products Instawave video

DryBar Lemon Drop

The problem?

Two weeks into use…the bristles started acting up.

DryBar Lemon Drop
(Ignore the fuzzies. Using new towels that are still shedding -___-)

The few on the perimeter of the brush started moving, ever so slightly. But, with constant brushing, the kept making their way further south.

This is when I am happy for returns. Yes, it was only $13 plus taxes, but the product did not hold up to my expectations. I mean products a third of its price hold up longer than that. But, the reviews on Sephora seems to show that it is more of an anomaly, than something standard. 400+ people have reviewed, and loved. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t meant to be.

I do have the Tangle Teezer, but I like having handles. Not sure if I will try my luck with another Lemon Drop, but for now…still on the hunt. If you have suggestions, let me know :)

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    1. Aw, you are up late! Hopefully it wasn’t cause of school work >_<
      Yeah, that's what I meant by anomaly. I seem to have all the 'luck' in that type of department lol I didn't know about the Wet Brush. I just googled it, and they are the creators of the Selfie Brush!!! haha…I kept seeing that in the Sally's Flyer…and would shake my head at it. But the reviews of the Wet Brush sound quite promising. Thanks for the heads up Michelle :)

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