Yet Another Eyebrow Marker :D

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I have had so much fun with the brow offerings from Annabelle, so I was excited to check out the Instaglam Design + Fix in Medium/Dark. You can see the full lineup on their website

Annabelle Instaglam

Now, I have written about the brow pen from their sister brand HERE. It is still something I reach for when I do my brows now.

Annabelle Instaglam
But the Instaglam Brow Desigh + Fix, is a little different, as it is has a robust tip, as well as a transparent brow fix at the other end.

I think, that if I compare a fine tip, to the robust one, I would go with the robust. You see, because it wasn’t as fine tipped as the Marcelle, I found that I didn’t have to be as careful. This mean that I didn’t get as much harsh lines. In addition, I could use this on its side to cover a greater area, with again, a more natural look. It helped that I have a bit more experience now.

Annabelle Instaglam
Annabelle Instaglam
One thing I Would suggest, which I learned from trial and error, is that when you apply, take your finger and do a slight sweep of the area. It helps to smooth out/diffuse the product, so it does not look too harsh. I usually do mine in steps. Outline, finger swipe. Tail, finger swipe. Pat the inner brow with the marker, finger swipe the entire brow from inner to outer tail. Then fix my hairs in place with the transparent mascara. This one really helps because I have generally stopped plucking my brows. I need to try and grow out my brows, and plucking means that I potentially kill the root in the future. So I usually shave them if I need to do a clean up, but leave them pretty raggedy. In my defense, my brows are so sparse that people don’t usually realize that that is the case. It looks horrid up close, but not too >_< IRL.

Store this on its side, so it doesn’t dry out.

You can purchase this on the Annabelle Website, SDM, Rexall, or any drugstore/supermarket that has a cosmetic section for $12.95 RSP.

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