Annabelle Wants Us to Stay Sharp

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Annabelle Stay Sharp

Annabelle Cosmetics Stay Sharp
Gotta love when a brand you love, puts out a fun new product.

I read on Steph’s FunSizeBeauty’s post HERE that they are cheaper cousin of the Smashbox ones…so I was excited to try out the Stay Sharp line.

Annabelle Cosmetics Stay Sharp
Annabelle Cosmetics Stay Sharp
Go Black, Cappuccino, Glam Red, Java

Annabelle Cosmetics Stay Sharp
Annabelle Cosmetics Stay Sharp
Still, I was SUPER confused with the Stay Sharp pencils. I mean, I tried to twist it up so I could get more product…but you can’t do that. Well, not in the traditional sense. You also don’t sharpen it. As the name suggests, this is a stay sharp pencil, meaning that it is self sharpening. When you close the product, by twisting on the lid, it seems to push up the pencil and sharpen it. The sharpening are stored in the tip of the cap.

Have you ever accidentally broke the tip of your pencil, since you pressed too hard? Well, since this pencil doesn’t dispense too much, you can’t really break the tip. But depending on the amount you need to line (like a friend of mine draws a thicker line since she has monolids like me), then you may need to sharpen once to get the daily job done.

Annabelle Cosmetics Stay Sharp
Go Black on the upper lash line, and Cappuccino on the lower lash line.

Now, wear time…
For me, oily skin, monolids, hardly touches the skin around her eyes…it lasts just half a work day. about 5 hours for me…which I can’t say makes it the best for me to use. I can see it start moving about the 4 hours mark, but a slight clean up allows me to continue with it. That, is when applied to the upper lash line.

On the other hand, I really REALLY enjoyed the lip liners.

Annabelle Cosmetics Stay Sharp
They are dry on their own. But they give off such a lovely look, that a slap of gloss makes it wearable (no gloss in the pictures). They are also persistent, which you would want in a lip liner. These sell for $9.99, but with the coupon they have available on the Annabelle Website it brings the cost down a lot. Making them easily collectable :P

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  1. The tip of my bow pencil fell off and now i cant use it. I can still see the product inside, but i cant get it out. Help?

    1. Hey~ Ah thats always a painful situation. Hate thinking I can’t get out the product. All you should have to do, it twist on the cap, twist off the cap, twist on the cap…and repeat however many times you need to, in order to get it to the regular state.

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