Last week on Instagram…
I’ve been addicted to Color Match on Android. I mean, the 2048 is fun, but I like the colours more. Plus its a great time killer on the subway, unlike many internet needed games.
Sweet Potatos and Green Tea. It has been a relaxing sweet treat for me to eat during this last week. Then Mom went on a drying spree with these babies. I’ll post about that soon.
Did you see my post about the Kiss Instawave. As long as you read the instructions, most people shouldn’t have problems with this. Like I said, I’m addicted. If you have troubles, lmk. I will do what I can to trouble shoot for you…or if I know you, come on over :D
Egyptian Magic seems to have made its way to Costco. This set was 39.99CAN. Not bad cause it seems that some stores here sell it for $40 for the large size alone. Haven’t used it yet, since I’m not 100% sure if I want to keep it…but if I do I shall update :)
Got my passport renewed. I hope that it comes soon. I was surprised that I was in and out within 20 minutes. Got to love when you don’t have to wait as long as you would normally expect.
I had the opportunity to meet the Pixiwoo ladies, Sam and Nic! It was pretty fun. Thankful that Farley Co Beauty gave me a chance to come hang out with the Real Techniques crew :D

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