Extra care when you are sick…

Sooo…everyone I know seems to be sick. The weather going nutso kind of does to people. In any case, I got a cold, and still trying to recover. Doesn’t help when I am constantly around people who are sick too lol. Oh well, I blame my poor immune system >_<

In any case, being sick means that we need to take extra care. We wash our hands more, we cough in our sleeves. But, if you wear makeup, you want to take extra care there as well.

Of course, there are those that don't bother with makeup when they are sick. I am not one of them. It is here, that palettes and spatulas come in handy. I put some of the products on the palette, and dab from there, rather than straight from the product. I also try to wash my brushes even more frequently (use them once, and then put in the pile to wash). When it comes to pencils I sharpen.

These pictures were from last year…but they still apply so I thought I would use them. It is actually funny to see these now…as my brows are fatter! I've been trying to grow them for the last year (my brows are so pathetic, they take forever to grow), but I thought I wasn't seeing progress. But, yay! not a HUGE difference, but the fact that I also fatten them up with brow products also helps :P

Sick day...


Sick day...

I used CoverFX (pro pots that I bought a few years back), to cover up redness around the nose. I dabbed the MUFE HD foundation around the areas that needed a bit of cover, such as the cheeks. Lip products to plump my the dead lips that were dry, then brows and mascara.

I get that this is a lot of others who would be sick.

Are you the type to disregard makeup during the coughing fit, or one to pretend you aren’t sick?


4 thoughts on “Extra care when you are sick…

    • its so routine for me to do my face, that it feels weird not to do it just cause I am sick. but I do agree about skipping it when I am home~

  1. If I’m at home, I don’t both with much. Just moisturizer and that’s it. If I have to go out, then I slap on concealer on every area that needs it and products that are more luminizing.

    • You know…I don’t even think of applying moisturizer when I am at home and sick. Makes sense though, probably help with the red nose.

      I don’t use luminizing products either…that would distract the Rudolph nose though, good point!

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