I learned a new hair trick, thanks YT :P

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I was freaking out over a wedding I attended at the end of October…for several months now. Basically, it was the union of a close guy friend of mine from my highschool years, to a lovely woman. Now, I usually freak out for weddings, because I never know what to wear! The Groom had said to wear something stretchy, as we will be eating…LOTS…and did we ever.

Anyway, I wanted to look my best, so I could get rid of the self conscious feeling that I am too underdressed. Part of that, was to do something about my hair.

I don’t remember how, but I ended up coming across this video. I originally wanted to do the one where you wrap your hair around an elastic headband, but when I tried that before, my hair didn’t receive it quite as nicely.

And it looked GORGEOUS on her, so I figured I would try it out.

I had tried it out a few days before the wedding, and liked how it looked even though I have thinner hair than her..so I went through with it.

The only different thing I did for the day of the wedding, was to do three sections of curls. One for the left, right, and then a third for the back centre. I wanted them tight, and really curly.

No Heat Curls from YT
I applied the Loreal Color Radiance to the ends (as a treatment)
I applied the Pantene Volume Root Lifting Spray Gel to my roots, and a little further down
Once I pulled out the curls, I sprayed the Vidal Sassoon Boost and Lift Hair Spray #4. Then I sprayed some of it on my hand, and scrunched it through the curls for additional hold.

Now, I wasn’t a fan really of the Vidal Sassoon #3 Hair Spray, but #4…wowza. I had scheduled to wash my hair and redo it for the reception, but it looked good enough that I just did a little pull back instead. So technically, my hair lasted for two whole days! Which was great news for me.

No Heat Curls from YT
Now in the following pictures, it was a redo that I did, but without the gel and the hair spray. You can see that the curls aren’t as tight, but it was pretty in its own way of being waves. The wedding trial hair was far tighter and more curl like, but since I don’t have any decent pictures from that night…this will have to do. Also, I did only two buns, so the hair in the back wasn’t as curled as it was when I did three. But trying to sleep with a third bun at the back of your head…is just brutal -_-

No Heat Curls from YT
No Heat Curls from YT
Anyway, I was pretty happy with it. It would have taken me awhile to try and curl/wave it like this using an iron. It would have also been horrible, as I would have had to do it on my own.

I wish my hair would have been thicker, but alas…it isn’t. Still, I liked the loose curls and wave it gave me. Plus the additional volume at the top meant that I could stretch out my do for an extra day. That is always a plus :P

Have you tried a no heat curl, that really worked well for you?

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    1. I hope it works~ I imagine cause you have thicker hair, itll look prettier than mine :P ps welcome back!

    1. once you get the hang of the twist thing, its pretty fun. I do like how it looks too, hope yours turns out great :)

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