Last week on Instagram…

I hung out with my friend J, as she had a mini break from work. We walked over to the plaza to grab pizza (we were both craving it), and we decided to kill some time at Pharma Plus. Loved seeing the Cargo Cosmetics holiday kits.

I have quite the number of shadows…but I have been using 3 specific ones for the last…half year. I thought it was time to switch it up, so I converted to my larger empty MAC Palette. The thing is…the ones I filled it up with…were VERY similar to what I already had in the last half year lol Anyway, I did end up adjusting it a bit, for a few stand out colours..

I caught a cold, and still have a cold. The first of the season. It was actually funny cause my friend and I were JUST talking about flu shots, and getting sick…and I got sick -___- Anyway, this is Korean Jook, or like Chinese Congee. My first time making it on my own…and I messed up a bit, but it turned out okay in the end. Besides, it was the only thing my throat would let me swallow.

Ah…the change in season also means I need to pack up my lovelies. What better way to do it, than to use Beauty So Clean wipes, to ensure that they are ready for hibernation?

lol I just realized, when embedding this video, that you can hear what we were watching in the background! Anyway, Mom was preparing kimchi. I’m still sick, so I couldn’t help out with the more important stuff. So it took her longer to do. 5 hours of her time, 2 of mine. The thing is, all the kimchi we made, will last us til next summer-ish. So it is kind of worth it…just a PITA to go through. Oh, we were watching the Korean variety show “I Live Alone/나 혼자 산다”.


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