The Sum:37 Miracle Cleansing Stick

Su:m37 Miracle Cleansing Stick

So I guess I should start sharing my Korea posts?

One of the things I actually wanted to share, was one of the products I picked up when I was leaving Incheon International Airport.

While I was in Korea, I had put out an SOS, asking if there was something I should buy before I leave. That is when dear Vancouver Blogger Macnunu came to my rescue. She suggested a WHOLe bunch of lovely things for me, one of which, was the Su:m37 Miracle Cleansing Stick.

Cleansing Stick?

Yup…cleansing stick!

Su:m37 is actually one of the subbrands associated with LG. On that note, did you know that LG also dabbled in health supplement type products? They are very…diverse O__O

According to KoreaDepart, this stick retails for about $30USD. Now, I can’t remember exactly how much mine was…that day was such a whirlwind…but I know it was between $20-30.

Su:m37 Miracle Cleansing Stick
Fermented roses?? Yes…as one who actually doesn’t like the smell of roses, apparently I LOVE fermented ones. I love how soothing the smell is when I wash my face.

Just like the little pictorial, you wet your face, rub the stick over your damp skin gently, then massage with your fingers. I can assure you, that this process…is just divine. The product lathers a bit, and is slick at the same time. So, while massaging your face, the days products merely melt. I found that it needed a little more help for some waterproof eyeliners, but generally I could get away with a single round of cleansing (opposed to my usual double cleansing). I actually use it with my Clarisonic Mia.

Su:m37 Miracle Cleansing Stick
I know $20-$30 sounds rather expensive. I know I balked a bit at the price when I first looked into it. However, the benefits, the luxurious feeling that is attached to it, has made me completely disregard the fact that it was “pricey”. Anyway, it also helps that this stick is rather massive, and I can easily see it lasting half a year, depending on how you use it.

Su:m37 Miracle Cleansing Stick
While drafting up this post, I was looking for some posts to link to, and found this awesome one by Skin and Tonic. She did a pH test, as well as a ingredient breakdown. There is also a bit for the ingredients there, so check it out.

It doesn’t seem to be in stock on the Su:m37 Korean website, so for the rest of us, it appears eBay is the only way. The problem is that apparently due to some rose problems, stock wasn’t that great before. Had I known it was so HTF, I would have picked up a few more/I should have listened to Macnunu when she told me to hoard the stuff lol.

Su:m37 Miracle Cleansing Stick
Oh, since we are on the fact about the roses…mine did not have as much of them as I have seen on other blogs. I guess that is correlated to the fact there was that shortage. Now, it would have been nice to have more, but I find that it is still lovely.

Su:m37 Miracle Cleansing Stick
Isn’t the design lovely :)

Anyway, definitely glad that I got to try this out. Also glad that it worked out for me. I know that if I go back, or someone comes over to visit, I will be asking for favours…hoard all the lovely sticks :D

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