Last week on Instagram…

Nothing eventful…as per the usual.

This mini crystal thing for our hall, catches the sun rays for a very brief moment. During this time, the hall is filled with such beautiful colours. I usually miss it, as it only lasts a few minutes…

Do you like buying jeans? Truthfully, like the others who commented, I’m not a HUGE fan of going through the process of buying jeans. There are jeans that make my butt flat…which isn’t great cause I have Mom’s flat butt. Also, because I am short, I need to buy ones for my height. I have had some good luck with the jean $7-10 pairs I buy from Old Navy, Super Skinny Jeans in Petite/Ankle cuts. Some of them are also thicker, so they last quite well. I actually loved one pair so much, I bought two of them of the same colour. Tres awesome. Anyway, because of the various sales that Gap and Old Navy have had over the year, I have acquired quite a few pairs of denim. Not a bad thing, but it was just amusing that I used to hate wearing them as a kid. I had to put away the lighter pairs, but took this shot before I replaced it with some of my heavier weight jeans.


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