Goodies from FarleycoBeauty

*Products in this post have been provided for review purposes. All views and opinions of the products are my own*

FarleyCo Beauty Goodies
So…back in the summer, I received a lumpy box. Canada Post had abused it a bit, but when I opened it up, I found all this stuffed inside!

FarleyCo Beauty Goodies

FarleyCo Beauty Goodies

So let’s get to it…

FarleyCo Beauty Goodies
Let me start with my favourite. The X3 Lab Clean Sanitizer. The reason I loved this was because I used it while on my flight to Korea in September. The fact that it was not scented (like the BBW ones), meant that I can use it any time in the plane, without annoying other passengers. In addition, it didn’t leave my hands feeling sticky. Despite using it a lot, it didn’t dry out my hands…so it basically won me over. And even using it quite frequently, I found that I wasn’t going through the bottle super fast, which is always a plus. The one pictured is $5CAN HERE, or they have a 250ml size. But check out the other sizes HERE. The only downfall is that you can only order them online through the FarleyCo Beauty website, so click the links.
EDIT: I’ve been told that you can find the 250mL in Canada at select Guardian, Select IDA, Select Value Drug Mart, and Select Walmart! Greats news if you can’t make a haul large enough for free shipping, or want to see the product before buying.

FarleyCo Beauty Goodies
Next up is the Perspirex. I actually got one of these LONG ago when I first received goodies from FarleyCo. The deal with this is that excessive sweat-ers, can def benefit from this. Thanks to my dad, my brother and I sweat even with the smallest of ‘work’. Not to mention that sometimes I get social anxiety which also causes nervous sweat. Bare bones of this is that you apply it at night, and it works as a plug to prevent you from sweating. You can read more about it HERE, as FarleyCo put has more information. I use this when I need to ensure that I need to have those pits dry. As such, I used it during the summer for when I was expecting to go on weddings, and when I was preparing to go to Korea. By keeping my pits dry, I didn’t have to be too worried I was spotting tell tale signs on my shirts, or casually check the mirrors to see if something went wrong. It is a little pricey at $20CAN, but, the small container holds a lot, and seeing as you only need one roll up and one roll down, you do not go through it too quick.

FarleyCo Beauty Goodies
Next us is “I Love…” cosmetics body wash/bubble bath. I LOVE a good bubble bath. Whenever I am sleeping at a hotel, I clean the tub myself, and make sure to take a good soak. So, when I read that this was a bubble bath, I was super excited. The scent really appealed to me, as I like berry scents (and according to the blub, it has natural extracts of the berries). Anyway, smell aside, the only gripe was that it didn’t lather up as much. Which I guess is a good thing, since lather = excessive sulfates (Sodium laureth sulfate is a foaming ingredient, which is supposed to be linked to bad stuff? I know I know…I choose to remain ignorant at the moment..). But I like a good foamy bubble bath.
FarleyCo Beauty Goodies
This was after putting some in, and turning off the tub. I wanted a bit more, but at least when I got out, my skin did feel nice. In any case, I now use it as a yummy smelling body wash instead. (Oh, just to note, this does foam roughly the same amount as Mr Bubble).

FarleyCo Beauty Goodies
Once I hopped out of the bath, I then slathered myself with the I Love Cream Body Butter. They come sealed. A HUGE plus in my books, as I have seen people at stores open up the new products and test them out. I mean I get that people still do that when they are sealed, but at least there is the additional barrier that they have to go through. Luckily they also have a few different ones you can pick from (just like the bubble bath/body wash). Personally, I am not a huge fan of strawberry scents, so this wasn’t a immediate love for me. However, the fact that it soothes the skin, and kept me moisturized did help to keep it in rotation.

All I Love products are exclusive to Shopper Drug Mart. You can check out the range on the FarleyCo website, but they can only be purchased in stores at SDM. Great cause you can use your Optimum Points to redeem, so purchase when there is a 20x the points event. This can help you top off to the minimum $50 purchase :)

Anyway, thanks again to FarleyCo Beauty for the lovely new products I got to try out.

Was there anything that caught your eye?


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