As the greens turn to yellow, red, and orange…

Favourite Greens

…I can’t help but remember my lovely greens.

I took these ages ago, but better now than never.

Favourite Greens
The lower part of these pictures is spliced to try and convey how lovely the shimmer is.

1 – Annabelle Cosmetics Smoothliner in Emerald. Look at that pigmentation! Smoothliners don’t last on my oily skin as long as their Smudgeliners do, but I still like using this because of how rich it is. Plus, I categorize it as a Cheap Thrill product.

2 – The Body Shop Shimmer Cube in #22. Deep, and looks oddly mysterious…no? The shimmer cubes can be quite…finicky to work with. However, since their original release, I have been obsessed with the packaging. So I work extra hard to make them work when I do put them to use. I find that the upper bit is VERY dry to work with at times, so I shave a bit of it off, and it becomes much easier to work with. It is labeled on the back, but I have rearranged the individual cubes so many times, I can’t match them to their proper names.

3 – Loreal Infallible in Permanent Khaki. I know it doesn’t really look green, but it does in the pot. Soo…I couldn’t help but add it in. I guess it is more of a green tinge khaki? Which makes sense, as the name itself has the word “khaki” in it. In any case, a lovely product to use.

4 – MAC Pigment in Antique Green. I don’t use my loose pigments enough anymore, but I can’t bear (…is that the right one?!?) to part with them. I mean, Antique Green is okay in its dry form, but I love using it foiled, or patted over a sticky base. Plus, it just looks so lovely in the pot.

Also, I guess I should just admit to myself that I have hit a posting slump. With the new change in my life, I guess it was inevitable, but didn’t want to admit it. But, going to try and keep up, as i do have things that I still want to share.

In any case, hope that you liked the post today. Do you have a favourite green to suggest?


4 thoughts on “As the greens turn to yellow, red, and orange…

    • ack! That is hard, having so much of something, that you can’t wear cause of work T____T My friend switched to a place where they are far more conservative, so everything that was okay before, isn’t anymore. I couldn’t imagine

    • They changed their single shadows, but there were a few gems in there as well. Then the new lipsticks that they released, that everyone was swatching? Super pretty and so smooth! :P def something to play around w when you have time to kill at the mall :)

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