Last week on Instagram…

Life has been rather uneventful as of late…That is the life of a baeksu.

In any case…

I went to meet my friend AY on Friday. After a rather pitiful afternoon, I needed a pick me up yummy dessert before we went out for drinks. So off we went to Patbingsu. Definitely a great pick me up, especially with the right company :)

Picked up the Arizona. I know it has an insane amount of sugar, but it was on sale for 2/$3 bottles. Anyway, the packaging is pretty…

Lastly, I have a rather important event to attend next week, and since a hair thing fell through, I thought I should refresh the colour of my hair. I dye is every 3 months with the Loreal HiColor for Dark Hair. It works well, but the colour only sticks around for about a month and a half. So right now, you can’t see any of the Auburn Red, that I had initially dyed it with. Anyway, I heard that there were people who refresh their colours with semi-permanent dyes, so I figured I would give it a try…but the horrible bleeding testimonials have me wary. I did pick these tubs up on clearance for about $4 each…so it can’t be too bad…righ?!??? *finger crossed*


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