Eating at Gabardine

The Gabardine
372 Bay Street, Toronto | 647 352-3211 | website

Monthly dinner with the girls needed to happen, and C picked for us to eat at The Gabardine this month. Then it turned out I went to Gabardine again on Nuit Blanche Saturday…lol goodtimes.

Eating at the Gabardine

Eating at the Gabardine
With a semi-open kitchen, there is a finishing area at the back. You can peer through to see what they are cooking up inside.

Eating at the Gabardine
few of the drinks we ordered. Couldn’t get the other end of the table

Eating at the Gabardine
When I went with the gals, I ended up ordering the Po’boy. Fried fish in a sweet sauce sandwich. If you don’t like your foods tasting sweet, I would stay clear of this. Or, ask for some hot sauce. If it didn’t have the sauce (as a sweet food disliker…), I would have enjoyed it a lot. It was however, still yummy in its own way with the sauce. The fries have an herb sprinkled on them. Unique.

Eating at the Gabardine

Eating at the Gabardine
It was suggested to us, by C who picked the place, to check out the Mac & Cheese. I didn’t, but boy…was it good. This is with the ham, which is VERY generous.

I liked the bite I took of hers so much, that I ordered it when I went back during Nuit Blanche.

Eating at the Gabardine
It is crunchy on the top, which makes it have a great texture to the cheese contrast. However, be warned that it is VERY rich. You will need something other than water to help get you through this entire plate. In my case, beer, Ketchup, and Hot sauce are what helped me get through the last few bites. It also helps to split with a friend, so you guys can enjoy the dish to the happy peak. In anycase, despite that, I don’t regret a thing. Still would order it again, and I totally get why it was on the list of best mac&cheese in the city
That night, I also got the Nutella Pie with my friend. Very Mousse-y, but delicious to the last bite :)

They aren’t open on the weekends, and only take reservations for the evening. That might be a pain for some, but worth it to squeeze it into your weekday eats.


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