The Daily Stash…

My daily stash


My daily stash
So then…what is in the bag?
This bag is from one of our awesome Beauty United boxes from Christmas. Such a great size to stash all this stuff in, and easily spotted in the bag.

My daily stash
Generally this is what I try to carry.

Yes, it looks like a lot. But…here’s why.

I have become quite lazy when it comes to my daily face. My friends and I are going to be hitting milestones soon, and well, as my friend put it, “I don’t need to impress others”. Not to say that we do makeup to impress others, but it just got to the point it wasn’t super necessary for me to spend precious time doing my face…when I preferred to get a bit more sleep. So, lately, there are days when I don’t do very much. I mean, I didn’t do much in Korea as well, and BOY did my cousin keep telling me I should.

In any case, there are times I don’t go out with makeup, but then need to spruce up in the evening for drinks with friends. That is why I started carrying mini’s of some things that will help me on my way.

  • Oil Blotters
  • Marcelle BB Cream (from the trio they put out in the summer)
  • Urban Decay Eyeliner (double as an all over lid colour)
  • Mouthwash
  • Olay Hand Cream (nothing scented heavily)
  • Kiehl’s Lip balm
  • NYC Applelicious tinted lip balm (to add colour to my lips)
  • Buxom Mascara sample
  • The Skin Food LIp & Cheek Duo for cheek colour
  • X3 Clean Hand Sanitizer (again nothing scented, for emergencies)
  • The Body Shop Mini Brush (to brush out the tangles)
  • and then the miscellaneous…

My daily stash
I depotted the shadows in the MAC Devoted Poppy palette. I mean, it was annoying to use, cause I only really wanted access to two colours. One of which I still use nearly every single day. It has a great mirror, and deep enough to stash a few extra things inside.

  • Bandaids (just in case I get blisters from shoes)
  • perfume sample ( purchases are awesome for this)
  • Bobby Pins on a fridge magnet
  • Hair ties
  • Hair screws (I keep the good Goody Screws on my dresser, so the cheaper ones are for on the fly events)

So there it is. All the randoms that I have in my bag. Some things really don’t change, but others do.

Is there anything you carry that you have to have in your every day essentials bag?

I guess I should throw in a pad in there, just in case of emergencies…I keep forgetting.


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