Playing around with Buffd Blushes

Buffd Cosmetics
Buff Cosmetics

Buff’d Cosmetics is still a favourite of mine, since the first ventures into mineral foundation a few years back. Buff’d Cosmetics, being an online store, sells a lot of different things. Their foundation on the Concealing formula is good because of the way it covers, while controlling oil. I mix it in with my Everyday Minerals. Works well.

Last summer (yes…2013…) I picked up a few samples, because they were having this promo. Sample baggies of their products are $1.25 for their blushes, and $1.75 for the foundations. Especially for the blushes, they last quite the number of sessions. I still had Crabapple laying about, so I took it with me to Korea. Then I remembered I have pictures that I took last year…so here is the post lol

Buffd Cosmetics



They have Satin Pearl Blushes, Velvet Matte Blushes, Bronzers, and Illuminating Dusts.

Despite that, I didn’t realize for some reason. When you click on Blush, it takes you to the Satin page. If you want the others, you need to use the hover menu that comes out, and select from there. So the three I have to share today, is all from the Satin menu. Which is fine…cause I like blushes satiny

Buffd Cosmetics
Buffd Cosmetics

Buffd Cosmetics
Buffd Cosmetics
Buffd Cosmetics
Sericite Setting Powder “Pure sericite mica” doesn’t take much coaxing to melt in to the skin, and it has a tiny bit of Kaolin Clay which picks up the oils.
Raspberry “Zesty Pink” is a nice colour, much lighter than I thought it would be on my skin, but still pretty
Sangria “Refreshing Red” has more shimmer than Crabapple
Crabapple “Cardinal Pink” leans more matte than the other two satins, but it does still have a little bit of a satins.  A little more orange than Sangria.

Anyway, I’m a blush addict…they are just so dang pretty! And I don’t even use them everyday -____-

Welps, little baggies might not be your thing, but they are great, last quite well on my oily skin, and are just so dang pretty!

Have you tried Buff’d?


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