Stripping off that hair…ouch?

*Products in this post were provided for review consideration. Experience and views about the product are my own*

Whenever I discuss wax strips with my friends, the basic reply is that it hurts too much. Maybe it is because I have a higher tolerance, or because I have become to used to the pulling of unwanted hair.

Either way, I love using them.

My mother has really thin hair, that is not noticeable. I, on the other hand, I am not so blessed. It also doesn’t help that I get really REALLY bad ingrown hairs, which leads to scratching (especially on the legs), which leads to scarring. So, this last summer, I have tried to avoid doing it. But I couldn’t escape doing the underarms.

ProFractr Skin Envy Strips
So it was a great chance for me to put the new to me sugar and beeswax strips by SkinEnvy, which arrived in a box (many MANY months back) thanks to Farley Co Beauty.

ProFractr Skin Envy Strips
Out of the box

ProFractr Skin Envy Strips
Instruction booklet, finishing wipes, and the strips

ProFractr Skin Envy Strips
nice long strip

ProFractr Skin Envy Strips
Because the strips are clear, you get a great look through to see if you have missed a spot between the strips. Great, cause sometimes with cloth strips, I do. I mean it isn’t a huge deal, as you can just go back and redo it, but when it is a pre-applied strip, you want to get it on the first go.

ProFractr Skin Envy Strips
There is a buffer zone around the wax

ProFractr Skin Envy Strips
All you have to do is rub it a few times between your hands, then pull them apart. If you don’t warm them up correctly, it won’t distribute correctly, and you might get bare patches. Just put them back together, and rub them again.

Once you have warmed them up, apply to the skin, and have fun!

Since my mother and I were going on separate trips in September, I had to wax her underarms and mine. This made it super simple. It did leave a few stray hairs, but those were easily rectified with my tweezers.

The fact that beeswax is an ingredient might bug some people. Especially with the whole thing about the bees. So just wanted to note that.

Now, the $16CAN price point, might not be a huge lovable factor about this product. If you are a newbie to the waxing world, and like things quick and easy…the cost wouldn’t be such a huge deal. If you are a pro, then the fact that you could easily get through this box by doing both legs twice (if you are on the hairier side like me), might be a big of a con for you.

But, if you have the funds, I think tubs of wax, and pre-applied strips are actually good to have of both. For the times you need it quick, this process really speeds things up.

ProFractr Skin Envy Strips
You can find the SkinEnvy Sugar & Beeswax Strips HERE, and can see the rest of the of SkinEnvy products HERE. They are also sold at Lawtons Drugs,,, and some Pharmasave stores.


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