Last week on Instagram…

I’m Back!!

But…going through some stuff (what else is new -___-), so there have been delays on getting back here. Hope all is well with you readers :D It was always so fun waking up to notifications on the phone about the likes that I got for some of the Korea posts. Definitely made me smile while I was there. In any case, I do want to share about it, but…guess who lost one of her memory cards OTL. I was SUPER pissed. So there are a few things I can’t share, while others, luckily were on the phone. So…for now, here are three pictures.

One of the foods I wanted to eat once I was back from Korea..was Souvlaki. Specifically from Zet’s!

I went out on Friday to go apple picking (which I haven’t done since I was in my single digits…), and to go on a little hike on a trail. Definitely had a lot of fun, and loved the fact that the trees around me, surrounded me with their fun chatter.

I stopped by Nuit Blanche. Actually, I was too tired to want to stick around…plus there was a lot of…underage…action going on. I did like how this looked though.



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