Eating at District Oven

District Oven

842 College St., Toronto ON

My friends and I meet up monthly to eat at a “new to us” restaurant. Last month it was at District Oven. Actually we tried getting a reservation at another place, but they proved to be FAR too difficult. So my friend ended up picking District Oven instead.

Short story – Have to say, I was impressed.

Oh, I should mention I took these with my phone (obvious), so the quality is unfortunate. I regret it, cause I wish I could show you just how great it was…

Moving on.

Eating at District Oven

Because it was a nice warm evening, they had opened the front part of the venue. Basically, there are seats that face the street, so you can sit, drink, while listening to the live music that they might have going on. We did have live music the night we went, not sure if it is a nightly thing. They were nice to listen to as we caught up with one another.

We had a great server that night, and he recommended quite the number of things for us to check out.

Eating at District Oven
I had the Blanche de Chambly Witbier beer with the Kefta Burger (Arugula, Fig Jam, Brie, Spiced Frites). I loved the Kefta Burger, and only wished that I could have ordered another one! But alas…I was pretty full.

The others around the table had picked other things, but I didn’t get their pictures. If they end up sending it to me, I’ll add it in.

Eating at District Oven
I did however get the picture of the Mix Platter of Labaneh, Hummus, Babaghanouj, Romesco, Falafel, Quinoa Tabouleh, that my friend ordered for herself. She wanted Falafel’s so bad she just ordered the mix platter. This comes with a decent scoop of each, so that you have enough to taste everything. If you want to try a sampling, this is a great platter to get. For the 6 of us, we probably could have done well to order two for the table…and we were SUPER tempted to order two for the table. Instead, we went for just the the singles of Hummus and Babaghanouj to share. The Babaghanouj was on the chunkier side in terms of blending, but I preferred it that way.

Eating at District Oven
Rather large venue. To the right of the photo is where you would find the live music group. It is also the way to get to the washrooms which are located downstairs. To the back, you can kind of make out the oven where they bake the yummy goods.

Generally a great night, and even now…as I edit this post, I want a Kefta Burger immediately.

Let me know if you have gone to check out this place

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