Have you ever gone for a brow tint?

At the beginning of the month, I went for a complimentary brow tint at B brand. My friend and I had gotten a card in our gift baggie from the Sephora VIB Rouge event at the beginning of August, and it was set to expire.

Neither of us had ever had one before, so I was pretty excited to check it out.

There are two locations in Toronto, one at Yorkdale Mall, and the other at Sherway Mall. We selected Sherway, and I called to make our appointments which are made in 30 minutes intervals.

Using vegetable dyes, and a bit of ammonia, the process is supposed to be quick and easy. It gives you a tint for your brows, so there is more depth and dimension.

Well, right from the get go, I was slightly unimpressed. Despite having made our appointments, the ladies had taken up client who was a drop in. They do take drop ins, but I think if someone has made an appointment, you should honour that over a drop in, no?

Brow Tint

Brow Tint
Well one of the ladies set my friend in the chair and started on her, while I waited. This lady, took Vaseline and smeared it all over my friends brow. I thought this was interesting. I mean we typically apply Vaseline to our hairline during a dye job, so we don’t get it stained. But she applied it all over. She then started mixing up the dye. They mix them in individual little pots, not quite measured, but didn’t burn, so I guess we were safe. She then applied the dye over the Vaseline, over the brow hairs. Apparently, the dye can permeate the Vaseline. They actually use it to help create an accurate area to dye, as they wipe up the area that is not supposed to be dyed in the first place. That was pretty interesting to me.

As my friend was sitting and waiting, the other lady was finally done with her drop in client. This was 10 minutes after our appointment.

She sat me down, and started mixing up the stuff. Except, here is the second thing…another drop in client asked if she could get her granddaughters brows done. They wanted her as she did them for them last time. The lady says sure, and starts speeding through the process. The mixing of the dye was just slapped together. She applied to my brows…but they came off only a few minutes after. My friend was sitting in her chair for longer than 5, but under 10 minutes. While mine lasted under 5 for sure.

She wiped off, and I didn’t notice very much.

She proceeded to do my brows.

Brow Tint
Brow Tint
(Because of the dye, it emphasized my pores on the upper part of my brow. That did fade by the next morning after my shower)
I was very uncomfortable for the rest of the evening after she did them. She saw how I came in with my brows…and drew them two times thicker than they were. In addition, she overly arched them, and brought down the tail far too much, so it looked like I didn’t tweeze my brows right. She used a product I have used in the past, and yet…I was very self conscious with it.

I heard great things about their brow mapping, and their brow shaping services, but the brow tinting might be something to avoid. Unless you have really light brows that need darkening up.

Thankfully it was complimentary, but I won’t pay $20CAN for it in the future.

Last thing is, that the dye might not suit your skin well. When I washed my face that evening, I had 7 brow hairs just slip out…I was so pissed! Seeing as my brows are sparse to start off, to lose that many hairs is a TRAGEDY! Le GASP!

Yes I try to make light of it, but damn I was pretty T____T about it.

Have you ever gone for a brow tint before?


2 thoughts on “Have you ever gone for a brow tint?

    • Yup. But for many reasons associated with their advertising, I don’t mention them by name on the blog anymore. Just saw your Anastasia post! Love you got to meet her xD

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