Sunset Gradient

sunset Gradient

For some reason of another, the week I did this, I was wanting to do a gradient nail. In the past year, I don’t dabble too much in to the fancy nail…but I did.

sunset Gradient
I applied a coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On. Then I applied American Apparel Butter to the upper half of the nail. Once I let that dry, I swiped American Apparel Butter, Jacob Retro Chic, and Loreal Orange You Jealous? on to the piece of sponge. I like keeping the sponge on the narrow side so that I don’t get nail polish all over my finger. You can use the glue and sponge method though.

sunset Gradient
I sponged the stripes on the nails, adding more polish once I run out. With this sponge, it is a bit of a pain. I have to work fast or little bits pull off and stick to the nail.

sunset Gradient
I sealed it all in with a top coat, and voila. All done.

It was a little rough on the index finger, but I still liked how it turned out :)


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