Eating at 168Sushi

168Sushi Vaughn
120 Steels Avenue West, Vaughn Ontario

Located on the north west corner of Dufferin and Steeles, you have this place called 168 Sushi Buffet. With soon to be 7 locations in Ontario, for a cheap eat, it is decent.

168Sushi Vaughn
Today I am sharing the dinner buffet at the 168Sushi Vaughn location (the only one I have visited on multiple occasions).

168Sushi Vaughn
168Sushi Vaughn
This was my first iPad accessible restaurant. You order directly on it, and poof! Food appears a short while later.

168Sushi Vaughn
The interior is on the pretty side, and the bathrooms are kept rather clean. Very important for me.

168Sushi Vaughn
Sushi Pizza. Comes already cut up, so you might want to order in 4’s. Despite the fact that it is fried, and it seems they do fry on the slightly oily side, I haven’t had much issue with these

168Sushi Vaughn
Oily, but makes you feel healthy for eating a veggie lol

168Sushi Vaughn
Kalbi. Im usually not a fan of eating Kalbi at restaurants, as they are usually too sweet. On the occasions I have gone, they have been just right. Though, as you can see, super oily. But that is kind of typical of the Kalbi I get elsewhere.

168Sushi Vaughn
Thankfully these pieces were not chewy, or taste like they were frozen…which is always nice, even if they are. Plus yay for presentation. Though this is not the case for lunch meals…as…those are rather disappointing.

168Sushi Vaughn
168Sushi Vaughn
I also like the Fried Banana and Fried Milk, however it is rather inconsistent. Also it is much better eating it with their Green Tea Ice Cream, than to eat it alone >_<

Dinner (Whole Day Available)

Adult – $24.95 (Mon-Thurs), $25.95 (Fri-Sun), $26.95 (Holiday)
And a fun thing to note, is that since the lunch and dinner menu is different, you can actually request the dinner all day at 168Sushi. I didn’t know, and the last time I went for lunch, I saw that the other table had all the sashimi that we didn’t have access to. It does mean the price jump, so it can be worth it if you are extra hungry.


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