Mini blurb about yesterdays Myeong Dong visit…


Hiya folks :)
Well, it is Sunday morning, and I am getting ready to go meet my cousin to go to Bukhasan.

I had mentioned I had planned on going before I left, and she said shed go with me if I go today (since she doesn’t work Sunday).

Anyway, I met up my family yesterday, so that we could eat at Todai.

But before that, I thought I would play around Myeong Dong.

First off, MD is a pretty popular place, as it is jam packed with stores, food, and randomness. If you visit, it is usually always quite busy…which is a pro and a con.

I started off at exit 4, so I could have a Big Mac at McDonald’s. The combo. Which is called a “set” in Korea, only cost 4300 won (the Korean won has gotten strong, but I like to very roughly translated it as being ~$4.30. But probably closer to 4.60?) Apparently. As I found out later, the sets are more expensive usually, but they are cheaper at lunch. Good thing I went for lunch :p

On that note, the Happy Meal toy is the Hello Kitty Baking Set. Cute…but not enough that I really want it lol

Next stop was to find the 32cm ice cream cone.

When I was here December 2010, one of the Oppas I knew said I had to try it, for the novelty. We walked around everywhere trying to find it…we did eventually, but it did take us a long time. Anyway, I figured i would find it again this time.

Funny thing I’d that it only took me 5 minutes haha.

It wasn’t as yummy though, might have been the fact that I was eating it alone (and no I didn’t finish it..this time…)

I broke a nail, so I went to Watson’s to buy clippers. A waste, but I desperately needed it.

I then continued to just roam about. Seeing Joe Fresh was kind of funny. And it was interesting to see all the different stores that are Korea brands. That I did not recognize.

Lastly, I went to Daiso.

I love Daiso. I am always so jealous of Vancouver for having one when we don’t. But I haven’t given up hope! :P anyway though they have a ton of fun things, I love their gift baggies/zip baggies. Soooo cute. Not that I need more…but I still had fun checking out the merch.

Only a few days left here :(

But at the same time I’m glad. I’ve had a few issues with the place I’m staying…not to mention this two girls can’t find the receptionist at 7:15, and have been yelling, ringing the bell, and just annoying everyone.

So it will be good to get proper sleep once I’m back.

Okay, enough out of me…I still need to get ready to leave. Have a great evening everyone :)

I didn’t want to ruin my appetite, but there was a lot of the usual street foods…


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