What is your method of choice for your brow game?

*This product was snagged complimentary at the AnnabelleXShenae Party from the makeup wall. Contents within the post are my own personal views on it*

Brows…brows…brows. Brows are SUPER important for me. Because I have such sparse brows to start, it is a must for me to draw them in. If I don’t, I will wear a cap, and you will not see my brows for the rest of the day lol. Plus, since I have a chubby face, brows help to add some dimension to it.

So I was happy that I was able to get a pal to snag me these pencils in the mad dash that was crowded around the free for all makeup stand at the party.

Annabelle Skinny Brow
Annabelle Skinny Brown pencil in Universal Medium and Universal Light.

Annabelle Skinny Brow
The product pushed all out. Light had been used for about two weeks at this point, where Medium has been used about 4 times. So I loved the fact that the product doesn’t run out too quickly on you.

Annabelle Skinny Brow
The “brush” on the other end

Annabelle Skinny Brow
Medium on the left, Light on the right

Annabelle Skinny Brow
I used Universal Light here.

So what did I think?
One of the biggest things was that, because the formula is on the harder side, it required a bit more work to draw with the pencil. It is waxier than I had expected. ㅆhere was a lot of trial and error for me, as I would over draw the end and the little hairs I do have would all clump together. I outline first, fill in the brow with short strokes in the direction of the hair, then use a brush to brush it out in the direction of the hair. Going in the direction of the hair works for me because my follicles are pretty weak, and doing anything else seems to pull them faster. Oh and sorry for the mess of my brows. Been trying to grow them out…for a year…lol
I should just tattoo these suckers -____- I also don’t get the brush it comes with. It is a little too stiff for me to manipulate. No loss for me though. I can pull off both Universal Medium and Universal Light, but I prefer the Medium.

If you like a stiffer, slight waxier formula to your brow game, than this might be something for you to check out.

It retails for $8.95, and can be found in three shades. They can be found on the Annabelle Website, SDM, Pharma Plus…well anywhere Annabelle can be found.


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