Eating at Yueh Tung

Yueh Tung Restaurant

Yueh Tung Restaurant
(416) 977-0933
126 Elizabeth Street,
Toronto M5G 1P5

A long time ago, a pregnant woman and her husband, after closing up shop, made their way to this restaurant. There, despite not having a lot of money, she would order three lobsters for them to eat. Two for her, one for him. She couldn’t help it, it was one of her necessary cravings!

A few decades later, we still make our way to this restaurant to eat.

It used to be located right underneath the condo that is beside the new place.

This is actually the place we usually bring people when they come to visit. I think, after all the years of going, we have only been disappointed a few times, and even then, only for one or two dishes. Even then, they were promptly fixed when brought up with the staff.

The washrooms could use some work, as they aren’t in the best shape.

But I enjoy the staff. Always smiling, there are still people there who worked back in the late 80’s/90’s. That makes me smile.

Anyway, this one day, cause it was Mom’s birthday, we made a trek down.

Yueh Tung Restaurant
Yueh Tung Restaurant
Yueh Tung Restaurant
We ordered the usual. Lobster in black bean sauce, spicy fried squid, vegetable chow mein, and beef with Chinese broccoli.

Usually the fried squid isn’t as oily, and is more crunchy, but it was a little on the soggy side this day. Still fine, as everything else was super yummy.

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