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*Disclosure: I am a #BeautyUnited blogger. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events. The opinions on this blog are my own*

Back in the beginning of February, I had the opportunity to attend the #PanteneBeautifulHair event. I did a small summary of the event in my Instagram Round Up HERE.

While we were waiting around for our turn, we got to browse the new products that were to hit the shelves. It has been basically half a year later…but I wanted to share one of the things I encountered while I was there.

CoverGirl Skin Perfector
CoverGirl Skin Perfector

That is the CoverGirl TruMagic Skin Perfector in 100 (there is also the Sunkisser 110, and the Luminizer 120). Side note: I did get a sample of the Sunkisser. It was small and cute! But I misplaced it :T

A revolutionary skin-perfecting balm! truMAGIC offers a touch of magic without adding makeup in just one swipe and is available in three fabulous finishes. Use it alone as a mattifier, under makeup as a primer, over makeup to complete your look, or as a skin refresher throughout the day.
-via website

Since I have pores on the larger side, I was pretty excited to try this out. This was the mattify your skin (which is great cause I have oily skin), and because of its texture, I figured it would help with my pores.

CoverGirl Skin Perfector

While I did try out the minimizing the look of pores with this…the formula is a tad…odd. It isn’t a liquid that soaks into the skin. It also isn’t a solid that stays put. As they suggest, use a little and work with it, as if you use too much, I found that it kind of pills up with whatever else you end up using on the face.

CoverGirl Skin Perfector

CoverGirl Skin Perfector
CoverGirl Skin Perfector

After some trial and error, I ended up trying this out as my base, then patting Annabelle CC Powder over it. It helped to hold the powder to my skin, and did seem like it worked in the sense that it filled out the more shallow marks/pores on my skin. You can see there isn’t a difference with the chicken pock mark on my cheek, but in the after picture at least the pores look a little blurred out.

Unfortunately for me, the product didn’t play well with my oily skin. It was if it was like coconut oil, in the sense that as it warmed up…it started sliding a bit. Whatever I ended up trying to use on my cheeks, were pretty non-existent after an hour.

Another thing to note is that the product comes with its own puff. Great, but there is no housing inside it. So what I ended up doing was place it on the cover, and stored the product upside down on its front. That way the puff wasn’t leaning against the product, yet wasn’t gathering dust out in the open.


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