Last week on Instagram…

The countdown has started for me, so started preparing a few things. But I have been enjoying the week. Plus I got to celebrate my friends birthday last week. It was a good time :)

So what else went on…

I love Nibs. Always liked them better than Twizzlers for some reason.

Thanks to the The Insiders Net, I got my LePage toolkit which I won. So I got a bunch of goodies. These will go to dad. He is our family and friends handy man. I also received the MyCharge Peak 6000, which I bought from It is a little big, and a little heavy, but I wanted the piece of mind when I go on my vacay.

My mom had a bunch of her friends over to discuss their upcoming trip together. However that meant I had to play the role of the server for their meal. Not a huge deal, but boy was it hot that evening! Anyway we got to eat well, so I’m thankful for that :)

Drinks with one of my closest friends. Had fun chatting over everything. Friends who never judge, who know how to ask the right questions (when you are contemplating something), and always have your back, are so precious. I’m thankful that I have a few.

Did you see my post yesterday? This is the Dduk Bingsoo/Rice Cake Sherbert from Hodokwaja on Bloor St. Anyway it was gooooooood :D

Been watching the latter half of 왔다 장보리/Jang Bori is Here, with my mom. It has gotten interesting towards the end, despite all the hassle in the beginning. It is in the final few episodes, and can’t wait to see how it ends up! Plus its been easy to watch cause I’ve always thought Kim Ji-Hoon was cute.


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