Patbingsoo! (팥빙수)


So…last night, on the suggestion of my dear friend AY, we visited out favorite Patbingsoo place in Christie. Back when we were starting undergrad, we used to come here more frequently. You see, we loved the dduk in the bingsoo, and it was one of the few locations that actual had it. Even when they got rid of it…we still went as the shaved ice was also soft and mixed beautifully.

Well…AY had caught wind of the fact that they now had a DdukBingsoo to their menu. Yes, the bingsoo have gotten more expensive than they used to be, but what hasn’t risen in price in Toronto? In any case, we went for the Dduk bingsoo yesterday.


It was rather chilly last night, but boy were we happy. As we remembered, the ice was shaved just right so that it doesn’t melt into one solid mess. The redbean was a little sweeter than I would have liked, but when you eat it with the Dduk, it levels it out.

For $8CAN, we were happy campers.

So, dear Torontonians, before the summer really comes to an end, I would suggest you check it out. If you don’t like redbean (well guess what…we don’t really like it either…lol), maybe sharing with a friend to try it out might be an option. At least you can taste test to see if you really don’t like it. Or you cab munch on the walnut cakes (my fav being the potato ones…), while your partner in crime eats the bingsoo :p

Anyway, check out for the menu price, food restriction information, or just other resources about the place.

656 Blood St. West
(get off at Christie station, walk east along the north side of Bloor st. Stop when you smell yummy backed hodokwaja :p)

As a last note, check out the machine when it is in action to make walnut cakes. Cab be memorizing to see the yummy bits being made

Oh, here’s an old video that AY and I took. Sorry its so shaky…I was having too much fun laughing :D

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