Out with the old…

A few weeks back, I had to the pleasure of attending a friend’s wedding. I wanted something fun on the nails, but not too in your face.

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to mix in pigments and do a soak off gel.

I say thought…because it took me just a little over two hours -___- The longest I have spend on doing soak off gels.

Basically, I wanted to ensure that the pigment wasn’t messing up the gel, so I made sure to over cure it (yes it compromises the integrity, but I didn’t want other adverse reactions). Anyway, that extra step just took awhile to finish up.

Gel Polish
Marcelle on the left, Jesse’s Girl on the right

Anyway, I mixed in Marcelle Lux Eye Dust in Vegas to Finger Paints (leans more gold than yellow). I applied that mixture to the index, middle, and ring finger. For the thumb and pinky, I went for a yellow pigment Jesse’s Girl Eye Dust in Sparkle Gold.

Both of these pigments, though gorgeous, have spent a great deal of time untouched in my stash. So putting them to use made me feel…happy :P

Oh, I should put in what I dealt with before I started this…

Gel Polish
Four weeks of growth! It was horrible because they were unbearably long, and I really REALLY couldn’t type (phone or laptop). I don’t know how others with longer nails do it. I lack the skillz in that area (yes, “skillz” with a z!)

Gel Polish
Anyway, I was pretty satisfied with it, but it started chipping at the 1.5 week mark. Which I get, as I did over cure it. But I wish it didn’t. I liked how it looked :P

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