Polishing my way into fall…

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I found my charger :D

Confession. I don’t really know how to convert the images on my GF1, so I transfer to another camera, and upload from there. However…the stupid charger went missing! Actually, all three did :T So I had all these pictures backed up…with no way of releasing them.

BUT, this means that now I found it, I can get them scheduled. Which in turn means that I should be caught up by mid October. Seriously…to the lovely people who send stuff for me to play with, I sincerely apologize that I couldn’t get to some of the products sooner. Such a fail on my part as a blogger.

CoverGirl Stay Reddy

In any case, since we are moving in to the fall area…I like pulling out my reds more. Well actually I’ve been wearing them since early August…(July?). There is just something about a great red that makes me happy.

This one from CoverGirl wasn’t a favourite of mine when I first tried it out. But, now, I have grown to love it.

CoverGirl Stay Reddy
I stamped over it with a old Sally Hansen Chrome polish. I think I used Konad…I really need to get my blogging mojo back and make sure I write these details down…I feel like a total noob T_T.

CoverGirl Stay Reddy
Colour isn’t as accurate, but you can see the pattern better here.

I did end up changing my nail shape somewhate recently as well. I had been a huge fan of the squoval…but it turns out my nails get caught at the edge, and increase the chance of them breaking. That is why I found a more rounded shape easier to handle. Except that when it gets too long, I have problems texting or typing…haha…but meh…at least they look nice :P


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