Back to school…


…to those going back to school!

Today was the first day for those in secondary school, and I believe most post secondary schools start next week.

Anyway, I’ve got a back to school list ready for posting this week, so can’t wait to share them…even if not going back :p

In any case, loads of fun things…

On that note…do I even have readers still in school?! If I do…hopefully some of it is helpful :)

Well, happy back to school, and hope its a great year for you all!

*PS happy birthday to dear friend HJ. Let’s hope that this year is filled with awesomeness!


4 thoughts on “Back to school…

  1. Ahaha, I am still at school! :-) I only went back today, though. The new pupils went back yesterday for induction/photos/team-building/something, but I’m not new this year so I got a whole extra day of holiday. Wow. :-P

    • LOL YAY for a WHOLE extra day…
      Yes, school…not impressed with their minor extensions on breaks :P Well Good Luck with your schooling this year! And thanks for letting me know I still have readers who are in school :)

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