Last week on Instagram…

Did you have a great long weekend?
Mine wasn’t packed with a bunch of fun, but I still had a great time.
Gearing up to have some fun tomorrow. Will see how that turns out :D

Queen’s Park. Just a stroll, just wasting time. Admiring beauty.

Started watching Its Okay Thats Love/괜찮아 사랑이야. Jo In Sung has been one of my crushes for awhile. The man…is just interesting in this drama. I think that the pairing was done VERY well. I mean, I usually don’t like dramas like this, but I found myself pretty addicted.

I think this was about 5 years ago. Since my friend had not started law school yet…

Been having a bit of a weird retail month. Having little issues. So it was great getting this unexpectedly from the SA at Sephora.

I’ve avoided Pickle Barrel as much as I could, as for some reason I would always have bad experiences with them, regarding their food. Friend said that the food has gotten better…so thought I would take her word for it.I was surprised. The fish and chips were fried just right, not oily. The mushroom burger was yummy, but it had been sitting too long in the kitchen that the bottom bun had soaked completely through. But still very good. Calamari was fried well, and not overly chewy. In generally good meal. It always helps to have good company :)


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